1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Thursday, 1st April, 1971

Another big crowd o' us went doon tae the burn again, however the rope broke-the unfortunate person hit the water wie an almighty splash-he went doon like a sack o' spuds! So nothing for it but tae come home in search o' another adventure-got it, lets cook some chips!

Ali Douglas; Iain and I rustled up a pot o' chips nae problem and they were rather braw too!

In the afternoon a crowd o' us went up tae 'The Field' for a guid game o' fitba, followed by getting together wie all the lassies for an almighty game o' 'Singles'. 

Afterwards a bag o' Rissi's chips-oan reflection I seem tae have been living oan chips this year!

I'm hoping to go tae the Rangers v Hibs Scottish Cup semi-final replay at Hampden Park, Glasgow next week. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday, 31st March, 1971

A big crowd o' us including the Hanlons; Les and Derek Ramage; Ali Douglas; Iain and lots o' others went doon tae 'Gordon's Burn' at Colinton Mains tae play oan the swing-whit a fecking laugh-every single person fell in the burn except me-me Tarzan!

In the evening Gaga, Nana and Auntie Heather dropped by-I gave Gaga a glass I'd picked up. Late evening I watched 'Sportsreel'-surprising tae see both Celtic and Rangers being held tae a draw-Airdrie and Hibs will not get a second chance!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tuesday, 30th March, 1971

First thing in the morning we played at the cups game again, before enjoying a great tv dinner-roast chicken; stuffing and a' the trimmings-comes oan a wee foil tray-pop it in the oven and 'Bob's your Uncle'-excellent and more than braw.

In the afternoon I played for Mike Hanlon's lot across at Redford Barracks-a very enjoyable game-we played well, competitive, but sporting-beats Tuesday P.T. at 'Burrie' every-time. It's guid tae for bonding when we play against other street teams.

Afterwards a crew o' us went tae 'Gordon's Burn' (Gordon Sibbald at the back o' Colinton Mains) tae play oan the 'Tarzan' swing across the burn-whit a laugh we a' had, especially when someone slipped aff intae the water. 'It's nae funny Retep-whit will ma faither say?' Of course that just made us a' laugh a' the more!

In the late afternoon Iain jumped aff the roof for the first time-a big moment-it's a right o' passage. We tried tae encourage Co-Co Hanlon tae dae it, but he didnae-mind you he's a couple o' years younger than Iain. 

Meanwhile, I'm clearly leaping tae high 'n far and almost jumping oot o' the picture!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Monday, 29 March, 1971

It wiz braw tae wake up oan the first day o' the school Easter holidays wie Boroughmuir nae even a distant memory or thought. 

A few o' us had a guid time playing at the turning cups game afore venturing oot tae get a big game o' fitba going. 

In the afternoon a bunch o' us including Iain; Ali; Les; and Boo-Boo' climbed up ower the high wall at the back o' Campbells' Garage and played in the auld cars at the back. There's some really interesting cars there wie leather seats. We sit inside and kid oan we're oot for a drive! It's always highly risky; Derek Nicol, the scariest o' the mechanics spotted us eventually and chased us-there wiz nae chance o' him capturing me but it gies you an almighty buzz when he charges after you-I flew ower the wall wie the big drop. 

Later oan Les Ramage wiz arguing away wie us a' and I ended up kicking his backside-a disappointing end tae a braw day which of course wiz free from the black-gowned Monday nemeses who normally teach me English; History; Maths et al oan a Monday-at least when I'm there.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday, 28th March, 1971

After breakfast Gaga and I took the car up the road tae get the Sunday papers and then tae Arthurs Seat where we sat and read the Sunday Post and the Sunday Express taegether-some guid reading-'The Hon Man'; the sports pages; and the Fun Section wie Nero 'n Zero and 'Nosey Parker'.

After lunch we did some gardening-a braw time o' the year tae be ootside wie the burds singing away happily. 

In the afternoon we watched the Eurovision Song Contest preview part 2 and then 'Thunderhead' which wiz so-so.

After tea I had tae head home tae Oxgangs-I saw Gaga; Nana and Aunt Heather aff; although it wiz good tae have a wee game o' fitba I kind o' wish I wiz still doon at Porty-strange coming back home after a long weekend away.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saturday, 27th March, 1971

An interestingly different sort o' a day in the company o' lads 50 years and almost 80 years aulder than maself. 

Gaga and I had a braw plate o' porridge-it's a wee treat as we dinnae stock oats at Oxgangs-just Mr Kellogg's corn flakes

As Gaga didn't have tae work at the butchering today the pair o' us drove oot tae London Road, Dalkeith tae pick up ma 91 year old great-grandfather, aka 'Pumpa' or 'The Miser'-whit a great pair o' monickers! 

We took a wee tootle in the car going for a run doon tae the Borderlands-although he's a bit o' a taciturn auld bugger, Pumpa's interesting tae, having been a fishing-shooting countryman all his days. 

We passed by many o' his auld haunts including Stow where he wiz greatly welcomed at any time o' the year for a weekend away, whether it wiz 'Hall the Vet' and many others. At Innerleithen we stopped aff at Cauldwells for an ice cream-almost as guid as Lucas. All I needed wiz a wee cap and we'd have looked like triplets! A wee bit further along the road, just ootside Traquair, I spotted twa baby deer. 

We followed the Leithen Water for much o' the way back tae Dalkeith-sitting in the back o' the car amongst the pipe and Gold Leaf smoke, I enjoyed hearing an auld countryman's tales-almost as guid as sitting in the 'smoking room' at Christmas wie them-all that wiz missing the day wiz the auld boy, which would have made up fower seasonal gentlemen-a quirky term for the fower generations-ain in spring; ain in summer; ain in autumn; and ain in winter.

Once back tae Porty, Gaga and I settled doon tae oor favourite pastime-watching a Western together-a guid solid yin for the connoisseurs tae discuss-this time featuring that tough hombre, Robert Ryan, in 'The Proud Ones'. 

Later oan in the evening we enjoyed 'Sportsreel' including Scotland sticking one oan the English at Twickenham-close mind you. 

A manly sort o' a Saturday and braw for that-it's guid tae spend time wie ma elders and betters-if only some o' it would rub aff and sink in, so that I could make something o' ma life yin day!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday, 26th March, 1971

'Yippee-it's the school holidays' Hedonist Hoff said with oot any sense o' irony or embarrassment. Aye, dear reader, you guessed it-I didnae attend 'Burrie' again-well after a' it's the last day o' term and we wouldnae be doing very much...I've got a' the excuses, but who am I kidding-get a fecking grip!

Instead I went doon tae the Store tae get in the week's messages and stayed in tae get the coal from 'Veitch the Coalman' from Loanhead. Afore I know it I'll turn intae a wee housewife or become frichtened tae step ower the doorstep.

Meanwhile, Iain had his party at school and enjoyed himself-at least he's nae copying his brother as a role model. Late afternoon I played fitba then went doon tae Porty wie Gaga.

We watched telly including an excellent episode o' 'The Virginian'-'The Good Badman'-quite philosophic with a superb  performance by an actor called Pete Duel.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursday, 25th March, 1971

I didnae go intae school the day even though we would have got oot early at 2.15 p.m. for the staff v pupils hockey match at Meggetland. I instead spent a guid part o' the day tidying up the hoose afore a late afternoon game o' fitba at Colinton Mains Park, which we a' enjoyed-a brilliant game. 

In the evening I tucked intae some Rissi's chips from Oxgangs Broadway. I watched telly and then phoned Gaga. 

I'm aware there's tae much focus oan the pleasurable sma'  things o' life, whilst I park the important things like ma school-work tae some imaginary place in the sky, kidding ma self oan it's unimportant and that there won't be a price tae pay. 

If I dinnae go in tae 'Burrie' the morn it will mean I've been skiving all week, probably playing oan the likelihood it won't be picked up after the holidays. 

The peripatetic philosopher has now transformed intae 'Hedonist Hoffmann'-and more, as I'm clearly avoiding anything which brings any pain, imaginary or real and of course the ironical thing is the more I avoid Boroughmuir, the worse it gets, as I'm turning it intae some great monster in ma imagination, that grows and grows. 

And of course, wie the auld man away oan the seven seas and effectively gone for guid from oor lives-I sense a divorce oan the horizon-it's far tae easy to carry oan wie such a doomed existence. If the 'ogre' had been aboot and in his prime then there would be nae option between a guid fecking kick up the arse from him and worst or venturing through the gates o' hell (Boroughmuir)-it would be school every time! 

It's no helped either as the guys in ma class at school are a scarily talented bunch o' very bright, clever and highly intelligent laddies, who apply themselves-they're a' the 'creme de la creme' selected from aroond the city oan the basis o' the I.Q test. 

If only I were tae get stuck in, roll up ma sleeves, discipline and apply maself, whilst I wouldnae exactly scale the peaks, oan a relative scale I'd end up doing okay compared tae lots o' others in the capital. 

Hoever, 'if' is such a BIG word! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wednesday, 24th March, 1971

Aff school again...hmm, going from bad tae worse. 

Alison Blades; Heather Swanson; Eileen Hogg
Ruth Blades; and Anne Hoffmann

In the evening a big crowd o' us were oot playing a variety o' games for a couple o' hours-a lot o' guid fun.

I hope Celtic manage tae beat Ajax in the 2nd leg o' the European Cup Quarter Final, but they're up against it-I'll watch it oan the box later the nicht; meanwhile I listened to the Manchester City match oan the radio. 'Co-Co' Hanlon went up tae Rissi's tae get some chips which enhanced the pleasure o' sitting in listening tae the footie.

'Jinky' Johnstone scored tae help Celtic win 1-0, but they're oot oan aggregate.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tuesday, 23rd March, 1971

Anne Hoffmann

I skived aff "Burrie' today-I'm rapidly becoming the school-phantom. I took Anne tae the dentist, Ferry Munro up at Churchill. We played fitba across in the playground-Colin Hanlon sent the ba' ower the fence and the auld boy down below confiscated it.

Willie Taylor; Mike Hanlon' Keith Robertson; Steve Westbrook
'Boo-Boo' Hanlon; John Duffy; Mark Robertson; Iain Hoffmann

A guid amount o' light now, so later oan I played for Mike Hanlon's Red Star team at Redford Barracks-we drew 6-6 against Kenny Taylor's lot-I put in a guid shift and scored half oor goals. Gaga and Aunt Heather paid us a wee visit in the evening; 

I'm listening tae Radio Luxembourg

Monday, 21 March 2016

Monday, 22nd March, 1971

I skived aff school at dinner time-poor show, but I just couldnae face double Biology and double Maths, including a single o' Algebra and yin o' Trigonometry-tae speak in mathematequiese, it's a' going tae add up yin (un)fine day. Am I even missed? I suspect Miss Beattie, 'the Queen o' Maths' may take a pastoral interest in ma well-being, but disguises it well. Instead, I enjoyed the sunshine and wandered doon Morningside and intae Robbs Electrical, where I bought 'Bridget the Midget'. 

I got back home tae Oxgangs early afternoon-Maw wiz home as she had the day aff from her Civil Service work; meanwhile I played table tennis wie Les Ramage oan oor dining room table-Simon the cat wiz fascinated-in the cramped room I ended up belting poor Les in the eye-OUCH! 

In the evening a wee saunter up tae Rissi's at Oxgangs Broadway tae get in some chips and Globe Sun Kool Cola-if it's guid enough for Alf, then it's guid enough for me! In the evening I sat and listened tae ma record player.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday, 21st March, 1971

Stayed overnight at Porty and we didn't get up tae 9.30 a.m. After a wee cooked breakfast Gaga and I went up tae the top o' Durham Road tae get in the Sunday papers and then went oot tae Oxgangs for oor lunch. I went along tae Oxgangs Evangelical Church-a guid interlude oan a Sunday giving the day a structure-I quite enjoy going along, even though it's a load o' nonsense. Nana's still in hospital and Maw; Aunt Heather and gaga went in tae visit her.

Whilst t'others were at the hospital and Anne and Iain were away tae Andy and Margaret Ross' and oor cousins doon at 6 Henderson Row I watched a wee preview o' the Eurovision Song Contest-we're in wie a wee shout o' a win wie the perky 'Jack 'n the Box' nae tae mention those hot pants she's wearing-help ma boab, my eyes were birling! 

Later oan a sensationally guid game o' footie across in the playground wie Sid; Colin and Alan Hanlon; Alan Mac; Malcom Brown, etc; we were doon 10-5, but came through tae win 21-16-competitive-moi!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saturday, 20th March, 1971

I went doon tae Gaga's; we had lunch together and then visited Nana in hospital-I'm happy to say she's looking much better. 

Back tae Porty to watch Scotland beat England in the Calcutta Cup-the first time at Twickenham since before I wiz born in 1956.

Western fans that we are are and despite being rated by the critics, we didnae really enjoy 'Guns in the Afternoon'-I suspect it's because we're no Randolph Scott fans. Gaga and I then went doon tae St Andrew's Restaurant for a fish supper-braw man, followed by 'Sportsreel'- a boys day!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday, 19th March, 1971

I got up really early-nae problem oan a Friday heading in tae 'Burrie'; I sailed through Geography; French; Biology and Maths afore heading up tae Bruntsfield for a monster lunch. 

The rain continues tae pour doon and the Braidburn is flooded wie the burn flooding the banks-I don't think I can recall seeing it quite as bad apart from yin other occasion. Afore ma tea I did the week's messages (groceries) doon at The Store-ma guid deed.

Wie the weather so poor, I stayed in all nicht in front o' the telly apart from a quick dash up tae Oxgangs Broadway tae Rissi's for some chips-my second lot o' the day. I stayed up tae just after midnight watching the absolutely excellent John Wayne film, 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'-some excellent dialogue-toward the end when the newspaper editor discovers the truth he tosses the notes o' his interview intae the fire-'This is the West sir,'' he says, 'When the the legend becomes fact, print the legend'-braw!  

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday, 18th March,1971

I enjoyed a much more substantial lunch-mince pie supper and a' the trimmings. Just whit a loon needs when it's pouring wie rain; it wiz so heavy that oan ma stroll I had tae put the collar o' ma 'Burrie' school blazer up. After History last period I walked along Forbes Road tae get the number 5 bus at the Iona Hotel, but had tae wait ages-is it such a guid idea?

Nancy won't be coming doon tonight, so I stayed in and watched 'Top o' the Pops'-T Rex are number 1 wie 'Hot Love', but there's a lot o' really great material in the charts the noo, including Lynn Anderson's 'Rose Garden' which I hear oan the hoose radio regularly-a very haunting track. 

As a wee treat we all enjoyed either an oyster or a black man from Tony's ice cream van including Alistair. 

I went tae bed early and wrote on Anne's book; just noo I'm listening tae Radio Luxembourg- pretty guid.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wednesday, 17th March, 1971

I got the spring adventure photographs back from the Bruntsfield chemist's-whew 10/- which only left me a bob (shilling/5p) for ma lunch; I couldnae cope wie that so a spent ma bus-fare tae; fortunately Sandy gave me ma bus fare home. Mid-afternoon I skived aff Games and came home tae Oxgangs. Hunters Tryst Primary School had a half day, so some o' the kids were aboot.

After ma beanz 'n toast, I went oot tae play. but wiz disappointed that Carol Ramage's friend Nancy wisnae doon. 

Late evening I watched the Cooper v Bugner fight oan 'Sportsnicht wie Coleman'-Cooper wiz robbed.