1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Saturday, 1st May, 1971

I didnae dae the milk roond this morn-when there's a crew oan the milk float there's nae the same urgency tae turn up as opposed tae having the responsibility o' yir oan milk barrie. After breakfast I went intae town wie Maw for new stuff; I got some great shoes and clothes-I'm ower the moon wie them!

Once back home Les and I played at bounds which wiz guid fun-guid athletic sort o' stuff, before nipping doon tae 'The Store' tae get in some Ayrshire Middle bacon. 

Maw and John were oot in the evening. I gave Alan twa half crowns. 

I wiz looking forward tae getting some chips-which I did, but jist; oan the way up tae Oxgangs Broadway I almost got jumped by Gordon Ireland, but managed tae be quick enough oan ma feet tae avoid it-whit is it wie some folk behaving like that? I hardly even know the guy! It's yin o' the doon sides o' living in Oxgangs wie guys looking tae make a reputation fir themselves-the thought o' inflicting pain oan anither person is jist anathema (ma English teacher wid be pleased wie ma expanding vocabulary-crikey that's anither guid yin!) tae me-especially having spent the past decade getting belted at home-the past 6 months have been great, free o' a' that shit! 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday, 30th April, 1971

Dear reader ye'll be totally gob-smacked and disbelieving but I went intae 'Burrie' the day-a jist took a deep breath and went fir it-God knows whit the teachers thought-perhaps they were sae bemused they were stunned intae silence, but naebody said a thing; and actually it wiz okay.

Come lunchtime I wiz warmly welcomed back tae the 'Globey' and enjoyed some hamburgers 'n chips , chocolate eclairs and wine gums and of course a wee wander aroond ma auld haunts-the peripatetic philosopher is back oan the beat.

In the afternoon, double English and a single o' Maths and History, all of which passed quite quickly-perhaps because it wiz jist so novel tae be back in the classroom! There ye go Retep, nae sae bad after a'.

I came home and went doon tae St Cuthberts tae dae the week's messages for Maw-a bought two curries and eat them both-must hae been a' the strain and energy consumed in attending Boroughmuir the day-a' that mental energy. Later oan we had a guid wee game o' fitba across in the playgroond-Boo-Boo, Les et al, but the ba' ended up getting punctured. 

Later oan in the evening I smoked some cigars- I wonder how the 'Ogre' might respond if he wiz back oan dry land-'Oh hello Pater you don't happen to have a light do you old bean!' Help ma boab, I'm Oxgangs' version o' Huckleberry Finn whit wie the skivin' and the smokin'!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Thursday, 29th April, 1971

I meant tae go back intae 'Burrie today-'honest guv'! I actually got as far as Bruntsfield, but thought 'feck it' and decided jist tae skive aff fir the day. 

At least being in that part o' the toon I wiz able tae put some money in the bank as I'd emptied some o' ma piggy bank earlier oan.

Back home tae Oxgangs I jist went straight doon tae 'The Store' and bought some 'boil 'n the bag' rice curry-nae quite as guid as the chips, but still braw. The 'Globey' must be wondering where I am these days-maybe they think I'm oan a diet!

Once school proper wiz oot a bunch o' us had a very guid game o' fitba-guid fir me since I've been lolling aboot a' day.  

In the evening there wiz a guid Comedy Playhoose oan called 'Equal Partners' by John Lloyd and Graeme Garden wie the latter most amusing.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday, 28th April, 1971

Wie ma sick note, nae milk fir me the day. Mid-morning a took a wee stroll in the sunshine up tae Oxgangs Broadway tae 'Martins the Bakers' and got maself a couple o' chocolate eclairs-they're definitely edging oot the chips these days-am I moving from savoury tae sweet? 

Late afternoon I played fitba in the front garden. After tea we had a guid laugh watching 'Its A Knockoot'.  Gaga Nana and Aunt Heather were oot tae see us. I went tae ma scratcher early the nicht-after a' it's been such a 'tough' auld day!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday, 27th April, 1971

I didnae dae the milk this morn-in fact a didnae bother getting oot ma scratcher until 11. 30. a.m.-whit a life a lead-nae 'Burrie' for me the day-a wonder how I'm gonna dae in ma exams! But I'm sick after a' wie the hepatitis, so I've got a get oot o' jail free card-talking o' which, after sauntering doon tae 'The Store' to dae the shopping I sat and played at 'Monopoly'. In the afternoon after Firhill School wiz oot a bunch o' us had a guid game o' fitba'. 

In the evening Iain and I lay back oan the sofa watching 'The British Film Comedy'-Peter Sellars wiz dead funny in 'Only Two Can Play'-we were rolling aboot laughing! Afterwards I went oot and bought some fags-I gave yin tae Iain and a couple o' others.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday, 26th April, 1971

I didnae bother going intae 'Burrie' today-God, I'm worse than Huckleberry Finn-my nickname must be 'The Phantom'! What's made it worse is I hope it's nae spreading-Iain was aff from Firhill School in the afternoon, but he wiz actually feeling quite sick. Later oan when Firhill wiz oot a few o' us had a wee game o' 'Monopoly'. 

Colin Hanlon (Back Row Right) with Charlie Hanlon (Seated To Colin's Left)

Later oan I went doon tae Warriston tae watch the Hamilton Cup Final-Hunters Tryst Primary School were beaten 5-2 by Stenhouse Primary School-heartbreaking for the lads and their supporters, but a remarkable achievement to make the final. And it wiz good tae see 'Co-Co' Hanlon (6/7) from 'The Stair' in the team and his dad 'Charlie Hanlon' the coach and manager.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday, 25th April, 1971

I had hoped that Iain and Ali Douglas might join me oan the milk float this morning in the leafy suburbs o' Craiglea and Morningside Drive, but they didnae-anyway a 'floated' through it if ye'll forgive the (awful) pun!

Back at Oxgangs we were aff oor guard and got caught by the cops-it wiz 'Smiler' and he gave us a bit o' a tongue-lashing waving his black book at us-OUCH!

Afterwards we a' went doon tae Nana's-Anne, Iain and I had great fun playing-a really guid afternoon. Back home tae Oxgangs- the cuck is back in the nest-John arrived back frae auld Aberdeen. Later oan Andy 'n Margaret Ross were oot tae visit us-a relief as the telly wiz foo o' intellectual playwright shite-whit a laugh we had-Andy's the only adult I've come across who swears like a trooper, but in a highly feckin' amusing manner-help ma feckin' boab, it's spreading like feckin' wildfire! Well, feck me!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday, 24th April, 1971

Wie everyin else being aff school, it wiz guid tae get a big crew o' us oot fir a whole morning o' fitba-whit a great way tae spend the morning.

After a wee lunch tae refuel, Les Ramage and I spent a chunk o' the afternoon doon at Colinton Mains Park; oan the way back I bought  Maw some apples. 

In the evening we were up tae no guid-whit a laugh as we managed tae got chased by the cops, but they didnae manage tae catch us-WHEW!  Les is sleeping ower at oors the nicht-amazing how life has subtly changed in the past 9 months-wie the auld boy spending time in the jail and then aff oan the seven seas, a hardly think o' him-as if by magic he's vanished from oor lives and we've hardly noticed, apart from the fact we're happier.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday, 23rd April, 1971

I wiz aff school-AGAIN-jings, crivens, help ma boab, where will it a' end; but wie this diagnosis o' hepatitis means I've got medical permission tae be aff-I've never needed an excuse afore, so when I've got a ready-made yin, well whit more can I say...

However tae be honest a feel absolutely fine-fit as a butcher's dug-so much so I wandered up tae 'Martins the Bakers' fir some chocolate eclairs-AGAIN! At this rate the chips could start tae get jealous. 

Meanwhile, oan the home-front, John, aka, 'The Cuck' went home tae Aberdeen tae his relations. I meanwhile spent a guid part o' the day playing records; tae be honest it wiz generally a pretty boring day-probably even worse than being in at 'Burrie'-the only plus-a safe haven? 

In the evening I watched the telly, including 'The Champions' which is an interesting concept-find maself quite drawn tae it wie the crew's enhanced senses and powers.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thursday, 22nd April, 1971

I wiz asked tae attend the doctor's tae be told I've got hepatitis-eh, whit's that a' aboot! It wisnae Dr Motley, but a locum. A dinnae ken whit it is but can you really get it aff drinkin' a couple o' cans o' Sweetheart Stout? I've now got a ready made excuse (as if I needed yin) fir skiving aff Boroughmuir. 

Anyway, I've put it behind me and wandered up tae Oxgangs Broadway and tucked intae some chocolate and chips, but no in that order!

John went tae the bank along wie Maw who had taken a half day from working fir Her Majesty's Government. 

A different sort o' a Thursday. Aye, you might say that!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday, 21st April, 1971

I wiz oot 'n aboot early oan a spring morning daein' ma milk roond, so there wiz nae
 excuse fir turning up late again at 'Burrie'. 

'Broon in his goon' wisnae tae amused when I crept doon the corridor and slipped shame-faced intae double Geography-like French, I feel anither exam failure loomin' ahead next month.

Initially I didnae skive aff and went oot tae dae Games at Meggetland in the afternoon, so I wiz unamused tae discover nae athletics-whit a feckin' shambles; so I thought 'bugger this' and took the 27 bus home-does that count as skiving or am a' splittin' hairs-I assume that's whit ma English teacher calls a rhetorical question Retep!

John's LPs arrived from the Chorlton Catalogue-some guid stuff there including 'Johnny Cash At San Quentin.' 

I had a 'bad fish 'n chips' fir ma tea-will it be enough tae put the chip connoisseur aff-I suspect NO-chips will still be the boys!  

As I wiz slightly under the weather I stayed in and watched 'It's A Knockoot'-whit a feckin' laugh-as usual I ended up oan the floor pissin' maself laughing-I have that childish habit o' luvin' visual humour-trust I'll still have it when I'm as auld as Granpaw Broon!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tuesday, 20th April, 1971

I did ma milk roond fairly quickly this morn-we were a' focused and keen tae move oan. So, there wiz nae excuse, but a forgot there wiz nae School Assembly at 'Burrie' and therefore I wiz late getting intae Mr Robb's History class-a bit embarrassing!

Anyway, come lunchtime a thought that's me put in ma shift fir the day-I dinnae really fancy double French, which a've given up oan anyway and a single o' Maths and Biology. Instead, a grabbed ma 'Globey' and took a quiet, sun filled number 16 bus home tae Oxgangs. 

I lolled aboot until the 'Firhill (School) Regulars' came home and then a big crew o' us went jumping the burn. I got absolutely soaked-whit a feckin laugh wie had- right funny!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday, 19th April, 1971

Aff school the day and naw I wisnae skiving-it wiz the Edinburgh Holiday. In the morning it wiz actually a' rather boring-it wiz almost as if naebody kent whit tae dae wie a Monday aff! 

Anyway, we soon solved that and a bunch o' us including Iain; 'Boo-Boo' Hanlon and Ali Douglas went doon tae 'The Dom' (Dominion Cinema) tae see 'Where Eagles Dare'-it wiz fabulous-a really enjoyed it! 

We got the number 16 bus back home tae Oxgangs and I just stayed in for the nicht. Back tae 'Burrie' the morn...or no...we'll just have tae see whit kind o' a frame o' mind I'm in!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday, 18th April, 1971

Up 'n doon Comiston Drive, Craiglea Drive, et al-the milk roond took a' morning; still Sundays are a braw day tae be oot 'n aboot oan a lovely spring morn; there's always something pretty special aboot a Sunday-it has a charm o' its ain. I like the general quiet; the ease o' people taking a gentle morning stroll tae collect their Sunday rolls 'n papers; and also the sweet sound o' the church bells.

In the afternoon the 'working laddie' took a well-earned rest and sat 'n read-nae ma school books, but ma auld favourite, Robin Hood and life in the greenwood. Laying back oan ma scratcher I heard ma other favourite bells ring oot-Tony's ice cream van and treated maself tae a black-man. Back inside, a' watched Bob Monkhouse's 'The Golden Shot'-I only watch it occasionally, but it's actually quite guid light entertainment-'Bernie, the bolt!'. 

When you think aboot it, it's actually feckin dangerous-a blindfolded cameraman firing a deadly bolt-I liked the tale aboot a priest in the audience praying the bolt widnae deflect aff the board, only fir it tae dae exactly that and land at his feet-must hae been because it wiz oan a Sunday!

Late afternoon Gaga, Nana and Aunty Heather dropped by.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday, 17th April, 1971

I did the milk roond this morn-it's the end o' the first week; it took all morning, whit wie double deliveries and collecting payments-still I wisnae daeing anything else and there wiz a guid atmosphere oan the float wie the guys. And oan a light and fine spring morning it's a reasonable way tae spend a morning o' ma young life.

In the afternoon a' tidied up oor bedroom-a' prefer it when it's neat 'n tidy-a wee feeling o' satisfaction and achievement-after a' when it comes tae achievement a' have tae grasp at straws!

In the evening we settled back and watched telly-a solid evening wie a guid balance o' different programmes a' enhanced wie some o' Rissi's finest-is Sunday the only day I dinnae hae chips? Well, actually..., no!

 It's guid nicht from me.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday, 16th April, 1971

I forgot tae take in ma French books this morning-after a'-'J'ai tellement sur mon esprit!' Anyway, a managed tae somehow survive and escaped up tae Bruntsfield tae pack away a mince pie 'n chips-you wid think I'd be getting fat, but I'm still weighing in at aroond 7 and a half tae 8 stones-I'm jist a wee straw weight.

There wiz something oan so we got oot o' school early-braw tae go for a casual wee stroll from Boroughmuir along Churchill and Morningside afore getting the bus back tae Oxgangs-the weekend awaits-YO!

In the evening I thought Gaga might have dropped by, but he didnae. A telly evening-a very solid evening whit wie 'The Virginian'; 'The Dick Emery Show'; 'Miss England; and 'The Oscars', but also 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' and their entry for the 'Montreux Golden Rose'.

My verdict is variable at best, but shite might be a more apt description-of course, wie me being so very low in intellect I'm perfectly willing tae concede it's maybe jist that a dinnae get it.

However, as a loon brought up oan Stanley Baxter; Leslie Phillips; James Robertson-Justice et al, a actually consider masel' a' bit o' a connoisseur when it comes tae comedy-fool Retep-perhaps that's why I'm unlikely tae be heading fir Oxbridge ony time soon! Perhaps come 2016 a' might get it by then...or perhaps no!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday, 15th April, 1971

We had a test in Biology-I think we can a' guess whit the outcome o' that is going tae be...FAIL! It wiz a double period, so at least it took up a fair amount o' the time. 

Thereafter we had Music-whit an absolute scream-the class jist deteriorated until it wiz completely oot o' control-the teacher, Dr Cassels, jist lost it. 

I often see him wandering aroond Morningside daeing his shopping-he's an unusual sort o' a bloke. He's a very imposing, serious man-tall, bald and immaculately dressed; he walks in a very upright way, wie an unusual gait whereby he moves in a very stiff manner, wie nae natural fluidity at a'. He always seems tae be lost in thought-looking tae the horizon as if he's somehow oan a different plain or in anither world tae the rest o' us-a world o' music or the intellect. I'm definitely the peripatetic philosopher 3rd class compared tae the doctor!

He's really no cut oot fir the teaching at a' and it's clearly jist a way for him tae earn his corn. I believe he's always been like that as Maw had him as a teacher tae, when she attended Porty High, back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. She says he wiz yin o' those teachers who came back after World War 11-perhaps that had some impact oan his personality, but I think there's more tae it than that. She said he wiz unpopular there tae, but wiz innovative in that he brought a record player intae the classes and introduced the pupils tae different pieces.

He appears to have a complete inability tae form easy inter-relationships or a dialogue wie the pupils; although I suspect it may be a wee bit different wie those wie a musical sensibility-as fir me, well I'm jist an ignorant oaf oan a number o' levels and he's completely unaware o' ma existence. I wisnae involved in any o' the teasing that went oan where he lost the place, but I suppose I wiz involved tae as I wiz laughing at the whole scenario.

Come a welcome lunchtime, I enjoyed a guid hamburger 'n chips from 'The Globey', not that I deserved anything after ma miserable performance in the morn. The afternoon went from bad tae worse; R.K. wiz equally useless, in fact it wiz crap, wie 'Holy Joe' Adamson who is completely useless as a teacher-it's probably worse than Music because whilst Cassels intimidates because o' his remoteness so there's mostly some control, whereas because o' 'Holy Joe's' affability, gentleness and saintliness, well it's jist anarchy-I wiz jist relieved tae hear the school bell ring oot and traipse doon the corridor tae the affable Mr Robb's class fir some much needed relief oan the sex life o' Henry V111!

I'm hoping tae get aff wie the attractive, but shy Jacqueline Burnett from 2/8 Oxgangs Avenue.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday, 14th April, 1971

I did ma milk roond and then went intae 'Burrie'-believe it or no...'drum roll, sound o' trumpets', I actually attended Games at Meggetland fir the first time this year. They probably jist assumed I wiz a new pupil!

Anyway, because it's the summer term they're gonna be daein' athletics from next week-now dinnae hud yir breathe, but a' may gang along! Rather ironically, after me gracing them wie ma attendance, because it wiz the first week back and the teachers were kinda organising who wanted tae dae whit-cricket, tennis or athletics, we a' got away early-a funny auld world. Before leaving the ground I looked intae the wee groundsman's bungalow tae buy a dinky wee bottle o' juice and some sweets at their 'stable style' front door-it's a rather charming aspect o' Meggetland-a win-win-the groundsman's wife supplements her income and gets a wee bit o' pin money and we enjoy a refreshment. I thereafter sauntered up Colinton Road and got the number 27 bus back home tae Oxgangs. 

In the evening Hearts were beaten 3-1 by Wolves in the first leg o' the Texaco Cup final-twa teams who I'm very fond o', although naturally I wanted the 'Jam Tarts' tae win. Afore bed a wee bit o' supper comfort food-'chips are the boys', courtesy o' Rissi's, Oxgangs Broadway.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday, 13th April, 1971

I did ma new milk round again this morning-nae problem oan a fine spring morning-it's almost light when we set aff.

Only ma second day back tae 'Burrie' for the summer term and I'm back skiving again-a' disappeared at lunchtime, therefore missing double French; Maths (Algebra); and a period o' Biology. I'm clearly gonna dae well in the exams!

After ma 'Globey' I caught a quiet number 16 bus home tae Oxgangs and spent the afternoon salving ma conscience or is it jist a comfort thing, by tidying up the hoose afore Maw; Anne; and Iain got in. 

In the evening I wiz up at 'Reg's (Brian Rennie) (6/5 Oxgangs Street) seeing his impressive record collection-a lot o' Elvis; I didnae get tae bed until 10.00 p.m.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday, 12th April, 1971

I got up early tae do the milk round-first day I've had tae combine it wie school since the winter, as I wiz back tae 'Burrie' today-yes, dear reader I had the temerity tae put in an appearance through the gates o' hell (Viewforth). As I correctly surmised I wisnae even missed, indeed some o' the beaks may have been glad; anyway, there wiz nae need for a note asking where I'd been for a week-AWOL.

So, straight back intae double English 'n double History wie the cheerful Mr Robb; I hid away in French before nipping up tae 'The Globey' for a big lunch-they must have wondered where I'd been-probably my three week absence dented their profits! 

Thereafter, I returned tae ma auld haunts assuming once mair, the persona o' the peripatetic philosopher, lost at sea, my vulnerabilities re-surfacing as I popped intae the red phone box tae give Nana a wee ring, but help ma boab, I couldnae get through.

Double Maths wiz the big worry at the end o' the day-there wiz nae hiding from the 'Queen 'o Maths', Miss Beattie. I'm starting tae really struggle now-my infrequent attendance and my ineptitude at the subject make for a very powerful combination, increasing my reluctance tae come intae school.

As ever, I couldnae wait tae get away back home tae Oxgangs, which wie the 'auld sea-dog' nae longer aroond, is a much happier, better and comforting sanctuary tae return to. 

After tea, a big game o' 'Go-Go' including the Hanlons; Brenda; Les, Derek and Carol Ramage; Avril; Carol; Davie; Audrey; Jonathon; Steven; and Jacqueline Burnett who I widnae mind getting aff wie.