1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tuesday, 1st June, 1971

I wiz aff 'Burrie'...again, so nae History; Geography, French et al...where's it a' going tae end!

There's a very bonny looking girl called Shona who regularly walks past 6 Oxgangs Avenue wie a a large Red Setter dug who I quite fancy-the girl that is, nae the dug. 

I think she lives oot toward Firhill Crescent. She's tall, very thin, wie long straight dark broon hair and almond eyes-she's an absolute stunner. Anyway, I 'introduced' maself by 'accidentally' crashing the 'Chopper' bike intae her, as she passed 6 Oxgangs Avenue, whilst oot walking the dug oan the lead; it's nae wonder I'm the dunce o' the class! I felt dreadful afterwards fir doing it, but it did achieve the (misguided) objective o' speaking tae her, as of course I had tae apologise profusely. 

She walks by daily, so I'll be able tae speak tae her when I jist 'happen' tae be aboot.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Monday, 31st May, 1971

Bloody English!-nae whit you think-ma nose wiz bleeding in the class which wiz awkward as I didnae have a hanky and it made me the centre o' attention tae. Certainly a
 different start tae the day. 

We then had double History wie Mr Robb-we spent some o' the time going ower the exam paper and I think I've possibly got a reasonable mark-I've definitely passed the exam, unlike most o' ma other subjects. French will be the worst score in the history o' Boroughmuir. The level o' quality and performance is extra-ordinary. Fir example if you take Maths, Gordon Walker asked his Maw if she 'wanted the guid news or the bad news first. The guid is a got 87%; the bad is I'm 14th in the class!' That perfectly sums up 'Burrie', if you'll forgive the pun!

After school I went home tae Oxgangs-it's a bank holiday and I particularly enjoyed watching the Inter-Counties Athletics Championships oan Grandstand. I like watching the athletics. Walter Wilkinson ran a gutsy mile in aboot 3.56, but I most enjoyed watching John Sherwood winning the 400 metres hurdles-he's a braw athlete wie a touch o' class. It must be great tae be able tae run and perform at that level-I suppose a kin dream.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday, 30th May, 1971

A fine day as we move towards summer; the family went aff tae Edinburgh Zoo. 

The Hoffmanns on an earlier visit to Edinburgh Zoo-'Retep' not looking very happy

In the morning I went up tae Oxgangs Evangelical Church including bible class; afterwards it wiz prize-giving-there wiz nae way that I wid feature oan any level, but I greatly enjoyed seeing ma sister Anne pick up twa prizes.

In the early evening Anne, Les and I were oot playing oan the bikes-a very pleasant way to spend the tail end o' a Sunday as May fades to June and the official start o' summer oan Tuesday morn. I like Carol Ramage's pal, Lorraine-I'd be quite happy tae get aff wie her-we're spoiled fir choice these days! 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday, 28th May, 1971

A very boring morning at 'Burrie'-single periods o' Geography; French; Biology and Maths-at least singles keep things turning ower. I'm looking forward tae the weekend-after a' I've put in a hard week fir me wie one or two appearances. The afternoon kicked aff wie double English-much tae ma surprise a got 67% in ma exam which wiz a bit o' a turn-up fir the books given I've hardly been at the school a' year. Tae roond things aff I managed tae skip ma bus fare oan the way back home tae Oxgangs-always a sma' victory. Once home I did ma paper roond getting the Edinburgh Evening News' intae ma customers' letter boxes. 

In the evening a wee mince pie supper whilst I enjoyed the replay o' Leeds against Juventus-a 2-2 draw-a guid result wie the home leg still tae come next week.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday, 27th May, 1971

An enjoyable double period o' Biology tae kick aff the day-no because I'm suddenly becoming studious, but because once again it wiz a really guid laugh-pretty funny. And similarly so in the penultimate period o' the day, Religious Knowledge (R.K.)-wie 'Holy Joe' Adamson...well whit can I say-how can someone like him continue in the job, nae to mention whit a waste o' time the subject is-the whole thing is a sad joke.

Simon braving Mr Leslie's garden, 4/1 Oxgangs Avenue,

A pleasant evening playing at Oxgangs as spring drifts in tae summer. Les Ramage's ba' went in tae Mr Leslie's gairden-he wisnae amused. The evening wiz roonded aff wie a fine supper o' chips frae Rissi's. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday, 26th May, 1971

After skiving a' week I went back tae 'Burrie'-jist tae see if it wiz still standing; however a forgot tae bring in ma lessons and had tae come a' the way back home tae Oxgangs-bright or what!

However, oan a much mair positive note I did go along tae Games at Meggetland and a have tae say that athletics wiz pretty guid-I ended up really quite enjoying maself.

In the evening Gaga, Nana and Aunt Heather were oot tae visit us. Gaga gave me some money so I popped up tae Oxgangs Broadway tae Rissi's for some chips-braw. 

Afore bed I watched 'Sportsnicht wie Coleman'; Leeds 0 Juventus 0 in the first leg o' the European Fairs Cup final in Turin-however the match wiz abandoned because o' torrential rain-disnae sound like Italy tae me.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday, 25th May, 1971

Iain and I both skived aff school today.  

I bought five different comics and magazines tae read including 'The Valiant', 'Score' and 'Shoot'-braw man-a like ma reading. 

After Firhill wiz oot we had a great game o' fitba wie Kenny; Les; Iain and Boo-Boo. Les and I are getting oan well these days and team up well at fitba.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday, 24th May, 1971

I went tae the Royal Infirmary Hospital this morn-it's part o' ma annual appointments after a ended up in hospital twice in recent years wie extreme pains in ma side, which they never got tae the bottom of. 
The last time wiz a year ago after competing fir Boroughmuir in a triangular athletics match against George Watsons and Daniel Stewarts at Myreside. 

Anyway, I had blood taken and felt a' dizzy and had tae lie doon afterwards until I recovered-it wiz a horrible feeling-a dinnae like feeling unwell. Once I had recovered a wee bit I wandered up tae Ward 32 tae visit Sister Turner who looked after me sae well when I wiz in the men's ward twice before; I had a guid wee blether wie her.

I took the number 27 bus back home tae Oxgangs-there wiz nae chance o' me going intae 'Burrie'. Hunters Tryst had a half day today so there wiz a lot o' kids aboot. Later oan I played wie Boo-Boo Hanlon and then did ma paper run delivering the Edinburgh Evening News'.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday, 23rd May, 1971

It wiz pouring wie rain the day, so no many people were oot 'n aboot playing.  I went tae the bible study circle wie the Blades, before coming home.

Wie the rain oan a stayed in fir a few hours and watched a guid but sad film, 'The Miniver Story'.

Douglas Blades

Rain or nae rain I went oot tae play later oan wie Les Ramage oan the bikes. Douglas Blades kindly gave me a loan o' his racer.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Saturday, 22nd May, 1971

Aye, Saturday's still a grand day, even if you've been skiving a' week, because every yin else is aff tae. Because it wiz such a fine morning I went aff fir a wee cycling trip wie Boo-Boo Hanlon which wiz guid fun. 

Michael McKean, 2nd Back Row, Far Right

In the afternoon I did the same, but wie Les Ramage-we cycled oot tae Currie; I met Michael McKean who I hadnae seen since he left Hunters Tryst Primary School aroond P5-aboot four or five years back-I always liked Michael-he's still the same nice lad. I recalled the school photie-he's a guid looking lad looking very smert wie his braces.

England gubbed us at the fitba at Wembley-we were beaten 3-1-a suspect I'll have tae get used tae such defeats at both the fitba and the rugger in the years tae come. 

Gaga and Nana are here-guid tae see them both.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday, 21st May, 1971

I wiz supposed tae be in fir two French exams plus ma Geography in the afternoon, but a didnae bother going in at a' and jist skived aff-a suppose that's yin way tae solve the exam problem-Huck Finn wouldnae come up wie that solution, but a bet 'smart' Tom Sawyer wid!

Iain wiz aff school tae-help ma Boab, it's spreading frae 'Burrie' tae Firhill-in academic circles it's called 'The Retep Nnamffoh effect'! 

Eileen Hogg with 'Candy the cat'.

I discovered that Candy hadn't been pit doon after a'-that's guid news.

Gail, Ruth, Fiona and Liz Blades with Anne Hoffmann Junior at the front.

Later oan I mucked aboot wie Fifi (Fiona Blades), Carol Ramage and Liz Blades. We went tae the Charlotte Chapel church barbeque doon at Gullane-it wiz really great. We mucked aboot playing games oan the rocks and the sand and they rattled up some braw grub tae-I'm very fond o' the Blades.

Guid tae see Chelsea beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the European Cup Winners Cup final replay.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday, 20th May, 1971

Nae exams the day- it's French and Geography the morn-two definite failures-you wid think I might have stuck ma beak in a book today, but naw. Tae make matters worse, I went in fir registration, before skiving aff-imagine the lengths one needs tae go to, to fake a tick in the attendance box-I'm thinking o' putting in a complaint-a could have had an extra hour in ma scratcher. 

Rather than taking the number 16 bus in, I actually cycled from Oxgangs tae Viewforth-jist imagine how inconspicuous-not-I must have looked, arriving oan a state o' the art 'Chopper' and then sneakin' oot o' the building-you would have thought some yin might have noticed, but they're aw oblivious tae the exploits o' 'Huck Finn'!

As I'd mentioned, the 'Chopper' is nae guid fir longer rides so it wiz a guid workout and an even harder yin later oan in the day. 

Iain wiz aff Firhill tae, so it wiz guid tae have him aboot fir a bit o' company.

Late afternoon, I played for Mike Hanlon's 'Red Star' team against Joe Rendall's team at Redford Barracks-we were beaten 11-8-I ran maself intae the feckin groond-playing in midfield I scored the majority o' oor goals and wiz up 'n doon the pitch fir the whole 90 minutes-despite the smoking, ma engine's pretty guid. 

Iain Hoffmann with 'Candy'

In the evening I heard that the Blades' cat, 'Candy'-Simon's wee mate, had been pit doon-a strange coincidence as oor previous stray, 'Sooty' died oan the same date.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday, 19th May, 1971

I made some bad mistakes in ma Arithmetic exam-doom 'n gloom-a wee bit o' a disappointment as I thought I could pull something aff there. 

I definitely failed Biology, but like Maths that wiz always oan the cards. Oan a happier note, History wiz no tae bad, because a ken I kin write a wee bit, so there's a chance o' me jist keeping ma head above the water. Afterwards I had a fag wie Geoff Hunter before we took the number 16 bus back home tae Oxgangs.

Geoff Hunter

In the evening, Gaga, Nana and Aunt Heather were out visiting us; we went for a wee spring car run doon tae West Linton. 

I didnae say much aboot the exams-I'm a bit o' a disappointment tae maself never mind wanting tae upset others wie ma dismal performance.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday, 18th May, 1971

I at least went intae 'Burrie' for the start o' the exams. I actually think I did quite well in English, but Maths was dead hard-how could it be anything but!

Given I've been aff skiving more than I've attended this year it wiz always going tae be a bit o' a nightmare. Anyway, Maw and the 'Ogre' are oblivious tae it a'.

Back Row Eileen Hogg and Alison Blades
Front Row Ruth Blades

Back home at Oxgangs, rather than studying, instead I wiz oot playing wie Les Ramage; Alison Blades and Eileen Hogg. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Monday, 17th May, 1971

I worked really hard all morning in Nana's garden, before a well deserved lunch. It's been a braw weekend break; Gaga took me back home tae Oxgangs aroond 2.30 p.m. Later I played oan the 'Chopper' even though it wiz pouring wie rain. 

The dreaded exams start the morn-I havnae looked at ma books since Saturday-funny how I wiz in the zone then, yet Sunday and today have jist slipped awa'- a' rather different; in fitba parlance, it's called taking yir eye aff the ba'!. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday, 16th May, 1971

It wiz pleasant tae awaken at Porty oan a bonny spring Sunday morn-I wiz awakened early by the sound o' Murchies delivering the milk 'n cream, then fell back asleep again-it's very comforting staying ower at Nana and Gaga's. After breakfast 
Gaga and I picked up the Sunday Post and Sunday Express at Bensons then drove oot tae Dalkeith to collect ma octogenarian grandfather, 'Pumpa' and brought him back doon tae Durham Road fir the day.

Nana effortlessly rattled up a braw Sunday lunch fir us a' tae enjoy-roast beef and a' the trimmings followed by a delicious Arcari's ice cream-I didnae think aboot chips once!

In the afternoon we lolled back allowing oor meal tae gang doon whilst we watched a braw Judy Garland film, 'The Harvey Girls'-jist the ideal kinda o' film wie songs from days gone by tae enjoy in the company o' the aulder generations. 

After tea, we all sat aroond and talked away until 9.00 p.m. in the evening-I enjoy listening tae all their tales o' family adventures, happenings, observations and stories o' times gone by, a' the time realising and appreciating whit an unusual and special day it is to spend the time this way-in some respects it's a pity the interactions and conversation couldnae have been recorded and captured fir future generations, as the moment blazes then fades-like life a suppose. 

Gaga and I then ran Pumpa back home tae London Road, Dalkeith tae make sure he wiz well settled, before we came back to Durham Road. Again, a very pleasant and comforting feeling coming back doon tae Porty for the night.