1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday, 1st August, 1971

I wiz at Porty at Nanas for a wee while. I came back home tae Oxgangs and went down tae Colinton Mains Park to play tennis; I've got a great serve just now, which really helps me tae pick up easy games and then hunt down ma opponents' serve.

In the evening I watched an absolutely fantastic and fascinating film called 'Freud-The Secret Passion'-I wiz quite hooked by it; it wiz a' about a (young) Sigmund Freud, (who I hadnae come across before) and how he developed his psychoanalytic theories, including using hypnosis; apart from Freud the focus wiz mainly oan a single woman patient wie a whole series o' different neuroses. 

Wie the benefit o' a Viennese background and the earlier involvement in the original script o' a French philosopher, called Jean-Paul Sartre, it almost played oot like a documentary-9 oot o' 10 (fir the Director, John Huston) from Retep.

Later oan I wiz arguing wie John-a' very unsettling wie him bossing me around.

Iain's away up tae Rissi's fir some chips-I cannae wait!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Saturday, 31st July, 1971

Iain and I took the number 16 bus down to the bottom o' Leith Walk where we bought our new Ben Sherman shirts; they're both brilliant-Iain's got a very cool long sleeved one, whereas my one is a lighter yellow/ orange and is short sleeved; it hangs oan me well.

Iain wearing his Ben Sherman shirt

The 'moon car' wiz driven today-nae road tax or a licence needed up there.

Meanwhile, back oan planet Earth, I did ma papers up at the City Hospital; I wiz in nae hurry; being a holiday Saturday, I just took ma time; I collected ma pay, chatted wie Pamela Baird and tootled around the shop, before cycling up tae the hospital.

A wee Saturday evening in watching the telly-the new fitba season has kicked aff so 'Sportsreel' is back oan; earlier we watched 'The Streets O' Laredo' aka 'The Cowboy's Lament". 

Wie the moon landing oan I've also been studying a' aboot space-that wid shock ma teachers-better keep that well hidden! 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday, 30th July, 1971

I enjoyed yin o' ma T.V. dinners from 'The Store'-another turkey dinner-what a braw innovation-you dinnae have tae wait for Christmas tae enjoy a wee bit o' the bird-it used tae be only once a year-I bet it wiz the Americans who came up wie that great idea.

I wiz down at Colinton Mains Park playing tennis this morning-this time wie Keith Robertson (4/2).

In the afternoon I cycled down tae Bairds Newsagents to collect ma papers tae sell at the City Hospital-first time oan my oan and less enjoyable than when I had Iain and Ali Douglas' company.

Talking about the Yanks, they're going to land oan the moon (Appollo 15) at 12.02-things are okay so far-I'm sounding like mission control!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Thursday, 29th July, 1971

A big group o' us played at athletics today-a nice wee change and a guid fun holiday activity; it gave me a wee chance tae show aff a bit doing something which I enjoy.

The City Hospital paper run wiz great fun as I had both Iain and Ali Douglas' company-braw, because it makes work fun-in fact it didnae really feel like work at a'.

Later oan a man grabbed me and took me to the cops-crazy, man!

In the evening I stayed in and watched a braw film-'Alfred the Great'-whit a man; I like ma history. 

In the evening I had a row wie John-ominous as we've had a 6 month break from 'The Ogre' which I've particularly enjoyed, as I tended tae be his focus, drunk or sober.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wednesday, 28th July, 1971

Anne and Iain are away doon tae oor relatives, Andy 'n Maggie Ross at 6 Henderson Row. I didnae bother going down, mainly because o' ma work. 

There's a new set o' stamps oot the day including oor very ain Sir Walter Scott-I'm quite interested in the auld stamp-collecting. Aunt Heather's really into it and is a bit o' an expert-at least I think she is-she's got a big Stanley Gibbons book in her room.

Once again Ali Douglas chummed me oan ma papers around the City Hospital; he wiz oan his 'Chopper' whilst I took Iain's. It wiz guid having him along wie me.

After tea, Nana 'n Gaga were out tae visit us. 

Later oan Maggie and Andy came out tae visit us-whit a great laugh Andy is-he had us a' lying aboot laughing.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday, 28th July, 1971

I awoke after having had a bad dream-it must have involved Boroughmuir!

Today wiz what I would call a guid summer's holiday, wie lots o' guid exercise in there as befits a laddie o' ma age.

In the morning a big group o' us played fitba down at Colinton Mains Park-a' the Hanlons; Jonathon and Willie Taylor; Colin McFarlane; Stevie Westbrook; Les Ramage etc. 

One o' the guid things about living in Oxgangs is that because hardly anyone goes away oan holiday, then there's always plenty o' company. The only kids who go away are the Ramages tae Butlins, Ayr which sounds exciting and 'Noggin' (Norman) Stewart tae Anstruther, a wee fishing village in Fife.

The Sibbalds go tae Milport each year, but they've moved away now, down tae Colinton Mains.

After the fitba, Boo-Boo; Les; Ali; Iain and I went fir quite a long bike run; we ended up getting chased by this 'parkie'-whit a fecking laugh and a right buzz!

The City Hospital run was much more fun this afternoon as Ali Douglas came along wie me oan his 'Chopper'. It wiz great tae have his company-he's such a lovely lad.

Later oan I played more fitba-I'll sleep well tonight-it's nae wonder I'm as slim as I am, wie a' that grand exercise-(almost) keeping me oot o' mischief. 

In the evening I plumped down in front o' the box tae watch Cassius Clay beat Jimmy Ellis-yay!-we're a' Cassius fans at 6/2, including Maw. Happy days!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Monday, 26th July, 1971

In the morning I took the number 27 bus up tae Forrest Road and went tae the hospital fir ma appointment-it went fine and wiz pretty uneventful.

In the afternoon I cycled down tae Bairds Newsagents tae collect ma Edinburgh Evening News' tae sell up at the City Hospital-anither sell-out!

I'm looking forward tae seeing Cassius Clay against Jimmy Ellis oan the T.V. tomorrow nicht-he's fighting him tonight in the Houston Astrodome.

I gave John a loan o' two quid-funny auld world wie me subbing the adults! 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday, 25th July, 1971

Hurrah-nae milk today; that's nae strictly true as I always have mixed emotions when I've given up a job. I still awoke early, but got back tae sleep fir a wee while.

I enjoyed a guid Sunday dinner. Iain and Ali Douglas are away tae the 'Commie Pool' (Commonwealth Swimming Pool). 

Meanwhile, I've been looking out fir these girls coming up; typical Retep-when they did I ended up no speaking tae them-I wiz far too self-conscious-annoying or what?

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Saturday, 24th July, 1971

I packed the milk in; it's nae really been the same since Sid resigned and I don't particularly like the new boss-that'll be the household back tae Stork again!

Anither day wie pouring rain-so much fir me leaving the bike at the shop. Rain or not I decided just tae cycle up tae the City Hospital keeping the papers dry as best as possible.

As usual I got oan fine-there's always a wee bit o' 'trepidation'-guid word Retep-as tae whether I'll sell a' ma stock, but I havnae failed so far-I'm always keen as mustard tae get a pat oan the back from Pamela-I'm never sure though whether she realises the efforts I sometimes go to, tae sell oot.

Nana, Gaga and Aunt Heather were out tae see us a'. We sat and watched a guid Gary Cooper film called 'The Unconquered'-although it comes under 'The Saturday Western' series, it wiz set in the early days o' the Colonists-still, braw fir a' that. Late oan we watched Parkinson-two entertaining guests-Michael Caine and Georgie Best.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday, 23rd July, 1971

I got the 6.00 a.m. number 16 bus doon tae Morningside and joined the rest o' the milk crew. It wiz absolutely pouring wie rain-in fact it stayed oan fir the rest o' the day. Half way through the round I wiz drookit, but it wiz actually quite refreshing oan a summer's morning scampering from the milk float back 'n forward oan the garden paths as well as up 'n down a few stairs too. And being the summer holidays, it wisnae as if I wiz having tae turn up later at 'Burrie' a' bedraggled 'n unkempt.

Ironically, probably because o' the rain, Iain and Ali Douglas were aff tae Warrender Baths tae get wet inside rather than outside.

Although I cycled down tae Bairds Newsagents in the afternoon, it wiz so wet I decided just tae leave ma bike at Pamela's shop. I'll collect it the morn; so I instead took a number 41 bus up tae the City Hospital tae sell the Edinburgh News' around the wards and then just walked home squelchin' a' the way back tae Oxgangs Avenue, through the hospital woods, across 'The Burn' and through Colinton Mains Park-in fact I wiz so feckin wet a could have lain doon in 'The Burn' and it wouldnae have made any difference!

Maw and John are away tae 'The Dom' (Dominion Cinema) tae see 'When 8 Bells Toll'. So it wiz a wee T.V. evening fir me, a large poke o' Rissi's chips, whilst I dry oot fir at least the third time today; Simon the cat is oan ma lap, so that's helpin' tae speed up the process!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thursday, 22nd July, 1971

I wiz oot 'n aboot wie the team at 6.00 a.m. delivering the milk around the quiet streets o' Craiglea and Morningside. At the end o' oor round, as I waved au revoir tae oor new grumpy boss wie one hand, wie the other I helped maself tae another pack o' butter-aye we're aff the Stork now-before we ken it we'll be middle class!

After ma toast 'n butter I played tennis a' morning and by dinner time I wiz absolutely 'Hank Marvin'! 

In the afternoon I skipped ma papers and instead played a challenge re-match against Chaz Higgins; this time I held ma nerve-and ma serve and saw him aff, winning 6-4, 6-4 and won two 'bob' (2/-). 

The money wiz irrelevant-it's the competition that I like, although playing fir money added a wee bit o' spice or frisson-guid word Retep-a' that French isnae completed wasted oan you! 

Before I head aff tae ma scratcher I'm going tae have some toast and...aye ye guessed it- butter!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wednesday, 21st July, 1971

Despite yesterday's argument wie the boss, I did ma milk round; as we waved him aff a few o' us helped oorselves tae a pack o' butter from the back o' the milk float-toast 'n butter noo fir ma breakfast-braw!

Although it poured wie rain all day, I still managed tae play tennis against Chaz (Charlie) Higgins down at Colinton Mains Park and lost money-aye a jist couldnae handle the pressure-he's a canny player and a canny lad! 

Come the afternoon I wiz selling newspapers around the City Hospital-sometimes the staff buy a copy o' 'the News' too-'a sale's a sale'.

Nana, Gaga and Aunt Heather were out tae visit us. 

Late evening I had a mince pie supper and a bottle o' Globe 'Sun Kool Kola' whilst settling doon tae read a bing o' comics-happy days-nae school and nae auld boy!