1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday, 1st October, 1971

I skived aff school...AGAIN-for feck's sake, where's it a' going tae end!

I spent most o' the day in ma bedroom playing records, although later oan in the afternoon I went oot and did a wee bit running oan ma own, which I quite enjoyed-I felt like I wiz just floating along ower the ground.

A telly evening and a very guid yin at that as it hit a' the right spots fir me; there wiz a new series oan called 'The Partridge Family' wie a delightful wee mix o' comedy 'n music.

It wiz followed by 'The Virginian'-I like ma westerns-I take after Gaga that way, although he also reads them tae-the likes o' Zane Grey; J.T. Edson; and Louis L'Amour. Mid-evening, Mike Yarwood wiz oan-brilliant. 

And then late oan something fir the intellect-'The Great Debate' chaired by Robin Day-it wiz a' aboot whether we should join Europe or not-should we enter 'The Common Market'. I wiz fascinated by it and I stayed the whole course watching it until 1.00 a.m. in the morning. 

There wiz some pretty big hitters oan-Barbara Castle; Chris Chataway; and Teddy Taylor. And Retep's verdict? I'm a' for it-we should join! 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Thursday, 30th September, 1971

I didnae bother going in tae 'Burrie' today and just skived aff-just as casual as you like-it didnae even cross my mind that it's a kind o' stupid thing to dae-I'm a law unto maself. I spent the morning wie 'the King'-that's Elvis in case you're drawing the wrong conclusion. In the afternoon I had a guid wee sleep-ma love life and soujourns-guid word choice Retep, are catching up oan me. 

Later oan, after Firhill wiz oot, Reg (Brian Rennie) dropped by and gave me a new Elvis record.

Apart from 'Top 'o the Pops' which is always solid given the number o' guid records around there wiz nothing decent oan the box tonight-'The Tams' are number one wie the rather smooth, 'Hey Girl Don't Bother Me'. Maw 'n John and I sat up well into the evening having a guid blether-no that I mentioned I'd skipped 'Burrie' of course.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday, 29th September, 1971

A fine mid-autumn day. I went in tae 'Burrie'-just saying! As usual, fun 'n games in Biology, wie Finn Anderson burning the lab table-can anyone guess why four boys in a class full o' girls cause sae much bother...that's whit I believe they call a rhetorical question!

In the evening Paul Forbes and I were back oan the red 'n green busses again as we ventured oot tae the 'badlands' o' 'Nitten'-that's Newtongrange-aye we're keen. Anyway we chummed Ann-Marie and Eileen Thomas tae their training night wie the Dalkeith Saints Basketball Team; afterwards I wiz talking wie Eileen and we enjoyed a wee kiss. Paul and I got back home tae Oxgangs quite late oan. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tuesday, 28th September, 1971

Telephone Ann-Marie 663 2602

Nae problem getting up this morn after going tae bed early last night. Wie a' the excitement o' phoning Ann-Marie after school to hear whit Eileen said meant I just floated around ma paper run this morning.

After school I telephoned Ann-Marie-the great news is that Eileen said yes! 

So, Paul and I travelled a' the way out tae Newtongrange. Although it's nae far from Oxgangs as the crow flies-aboot ten miles, it took ages as we had tae get an Edinburgh bus and then an Eastern Scottish green bus. Anyway, we got there and eventually found Eileen. We a' went fir a long walk-we a' got on pretty well and had a guid laugh. Late oan, Eileen's maw gave Paul and me a lift back tae Oxgangs which wiz very guid o' her. 

I dinnae ken whit we would o' done if she hadn't, but when you're in love you dinnae really think o' these things-a guess it might have been oan 'Shanks' Pony'! Mind you it wid have been difficult tae keep up wie boys cross country champion Paul ower ten miles! 

I just heard that Rangers beat Stade Rennais 1-0 oan aggregate so go through tae the next stage o' the European Cup Winners Cup second round-a braw day.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday, 27th September, 1971

Up wie the dark, rather than the lark this morning to head down tae Bairds Newsagents to do ma paper run. We're well in tae the early autumn now and I'm kind of on automatic pilot early oan in the run, before breakin' in tae ma stride.

Back home for a quick wash, some cornflakes and flattening down ma unruly hair wie liberal splashing o' water and the flattening qualities o' ma auld anorak hood and then it's aff tae the school.

I went in tae 'Burrie' but I kind o' floated through the whole day, thinking about the two Newtongrange girls that Paul Forbes and I had met at the weekend; I didnae really take ma lessons in, but I guess the teachers just thought I wiz unusually entranced by the quality o' their lessons-little did they ken!

There's a disaster at 6/2-the telly's oan the blink-in fact it's worse-it coughed, spluttered and gave aff the death rattle-it's gone man! So I tootled aff to ma bedroom tae listen tae ma Elvis records and dream aboot us going aff tae see Ann-Marie and Eileen the morn-everything's crossed! I'm going tae hit ma scratcher early oan-9.30 p.m. is ma deadline!I 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sunday, 26th September, 1971

Whit a fantastic day! Paul Forbes and I went down tae Meadowbank tae join in Mr Walker's Sunday session-I think Paul's mainly trained out at Saughton at Ford's Road which is the club's official home. Ann-Marie wiz there so that wiz also a temptation fir Paul-we've both 'fallen in like' wie the two girls we met yesterday.

After training we went up tae Edinburgh Castle wie Ann-Marie; it wiz braw fun-we had a bit o' a laugh, before going tae a wee cafe oan the Royal Mile-quite sophisticated! 

We then hopped oan an Eastern Scottish bus at St Andrew's Square-I've always liked the green buses-I tend tae associate them wie the countryside and like the livery inside which is cloth-much more comfortable than the Edinburgh busses. 

Out at Newtongrange we hung aboot waiting fir Eileen tae come back-she wiz at the basketball, but nae joy. I'm hoping tae get aff wie her; we've made a tentative arrangement fir Tuesday when the four us are going tae team up-I cannae wait! 

Paul and I didnae get back home tae Oxgangs until 8.00 p.m.-we've had a very braw day-the two o' us get oan pretty well-plenty laughs a' day! 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Saturday, 25th September, 1971

I wiz up early in the dark tae get ma paper run out the way, although the light wiz coming through as I wound ma way up Morningside Drive. 

I always quite enjoy Saturdays-it somehow makes the run so much easier knowing I'm no having tae hurry in tae 'Burrie'. I stopped aff at 'Martins the Bakers' tae give maself a more interesting breakfast-coconut buns!

I wiz quite excited about joining the Edinburgh Athletic Club team today and went along tae Grangemouth; the club did well and finished second overall. It wiz a wee bit disappointing no tae get a run-either they thought I wisnae guid enough or they didnae want tae take a risk oan me. Everyone else oan the bus got tae compete, so it wiz a wee bit disappointing and embarrassing, but I didnae bother saying anything or putting maself forward. However, I still enjoyed maself and it's no put me aff-in fact, quite the opposite-I've decided I'll just have tae become so feckin' good that I become an automatic, indispensable choice!

Whit also made it a guid day wiz that a few o' us had a guid time coming back tae Edinburgh oan the bus. 

Paul Forbes from Oxgangs wiz there-he's some runner; the pair o' us were sitting chatting up a couple o' girls from Newtongrange. He wiz sitting next tae Ann-Marie whilst I wiz chatting tae Eileen Thomas-we're both hoping tae get aff wie them.

Back home now tae Oxgangs and the guid news is that Nana and Gaga are here.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday, 24th September, 1971

I enjoyed 'Burrie' today; nae often I say that, so it's worth recording. Indeed, I've put in a really guid week-if I could just maintain that along wie ma wee job and ma hobbies and try tae study of an evening life would be pretty guid. 

When the school bell rang I wandered up Bruntsfield, Churchill and down Morningside. It's been a braw, sunny, early autumn day and it wiz pleasing tae just wander along the streets in the sunshine. I sensed a feel guid mood amongst the school-kids and adults as they went oan their merry way. 

I treated maself tae a wee bottle o' Dunbar's juice-I've always liked the dinky wee bottles. 

Back home fir a relaxed evening in front o' the box. There wiz a new series o' 'The Virginian' oan so that'll take us nicely through the autumn and winter months, but the big highlight wiz the 'Eurovision It's a Knockoot' final-or 'Jeux sans Frontieres' as it's called by ma more intelligent peers in French. Blackpool won wie 45 points-yay! The Netherlanders from Ostend were second oan 38 points-exciting stuff-aye, in life you have tae ken when to play your 'Joker'!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Monday, 20th September, 1971

First thing this morn, I tidied up our bedroom-always a very satisfying feeling-putting in an effort and getting an immediate result-now let's a' keep it that way!

I took some money oot o' Maw's purse tae further supplement the day ahead, but she found out-OUCH!

'Reg" (Brian Rennie) and I cycled from Oxgangs a' the way down tae Musselburgh-guid fun. 

We stayed there for a few hours and had a game o' pitch 'n putt at Fisherow wie me winning 9-3-wie nae holes halved. We then cycled into the High Street and treated ourselves to a well-deserved Lucas ice cream, the best in Scotland-well according to Gaga and he surely kens.

It wiz a long cycle back home from the sea tae the hills-slightly uphill for much o' the way which makes it less fun than coming down, but the thought o' some o' Rissi's finest kept me going.

After the day's efforts I wiz content tae settle down and watch the telly-after 'Ask The Family' and 'Z Cars', Mondays are a poor night.

Thursday, 23rd September, 1971

I wiz up before the lark this morn-it's still dark before 6.00 a.m. wie the light just beginning to come through; the temperature's that wee bit cooler too. Anyway, I took the bus down tae Baird's Newsagents to dae ma papers-a few stairs at Morningside before the big hooses up Morningside Drive, around Craiglea and Plewlands then a long walk back down Morningside Drive tae get the 16 bus back home tae Oxgangs. By the time I get back home I feel I've put in a guid shift before school, so it's nae wonder I sometimes find maself nodding aff in double periods at 'Burrie'.

The highlight o' school wiz when the bell rang at 3.35 p.m. and I wandered across tae the church hall at Montpelier Place tae the school table tennis club fir a few games-I like ma table tennis. I'm alright at it until I come across the more serious sort o' a player. Geoff Hunter wiz along-he's verging oan becoming quite serious.

In the evening I travelled across Edinburgh tae Meadowbank tae join ma cousin David Ross at the Edinburgh Athletic Club training; it wiz great fun and the guid news is that I may be in the team fir the meeting at Grangemouth oan Saturday! I feel quite excited about that-it would be ma first competition.

I took the number 4 bus home tae Oxgangs Broadway and picked up a bottle o' Globe Red Kola and some chips fir ma supper.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday, 22nd September, 1971

I wiz up early and down tae Morningside tae do ma paper round for Bairds. The mornings aren't quite as light now and the temperature is much cooler first thing-but once I get intae ma stride I'm quite happy tae be oot, although I dinnae feel that way when the 'Big-Ben' alarm goes aff at a quarter tae six tae get me down to the shop just after 6.00 o'clock!

I'm surprised I'm able tae write ma diary up tonight as I got six o' the belt from oor Register teacher, Mr Rush-I suspect it made his day, but no mine.

Gaga dropped by oan the way home from work and gave me two bob-he's been dipping his had in his pocket for the three o' us for years 'n years trying tae make life as light and guid as possible in the shadow o' the auld boy.

Maw 'n John are away oot, so I settled in for the evening wie a bottle o' Globe's finest juice and enjoyed a very braw night oan the box. 

'Barlow' wiz just excellent as wiz 'Dave Allen'. 

It's been a variable sort o' a day, a' finished aff wie watching the fitba'-although Hibs won 1-0 they went oot o' the League Cup tae Falkirk 2-1 oan aggregate-a wee surprise.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday, 21st September, 1971

I had tae be up at the crack o' dawn to do ma paper run this morning; I got Maw a 'Woman's Own' magazine from Bairds as a wee treat fir her.

It was back tae 'Burrie' today-I wiz very tired in French and struggling tae keep ma eyes open-as if ma French wisnae bad enough.

Come the school bell, I took the number 16 bus home to Oxgangs where I copied up ma History notes which I'd missed wie skiving aff. Daft really-a bit o' a paradox there-I'm happy tae skive aff, yet I'm keen to update whit I've missed-Jeanette from Oxgangs Farm Terrace is very good in loaning them to me so I'm always keen tae get the jotter back to her double-quick as she's such a keen student. History's aboot ma favourite subject and the yin which I may scrape an 'O' level in, so perhaps that's where the motivation comes from.

I wiz so tired I went tae ma scratcher at 8.00 o'clock.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday, 19th September, 1971

Anne's Birthday

I did ma papers; it's quite a guid balance just now wie just a wee Sunday job making it something to look forward to, just tootling about the hospital wards wie ma barrow o' Sunday newspapers.

In the morning I bought Anne's birthday present, before a bunch o' us went fir a long bike ride from Oxgangs down tae Mussleburgh-a very pleasant way tae spend a fine September day. We a' played 9 holes o' pitch 'n putt, which is braw fun

The day ended a bit sourly as Les wiz causing trouble and I ended up being sent tae ma bed.