1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Monday, 1st November, 1971

The dreaded Monday morning came around, but I at least got ma sleeves rolled up and got on wie the day ahead. I creeped in tae Bairds Newsagents rather shame-faced, behind the Hogg and Blades girls trying tae hide from Pamela. 

However, the papers, like the rest o' the day weren't as bad as I thought, although that said I ended up getting detention at 'Burrie' from Mr Rush-when I say, 'I' I really mean a bunch o' us got detention!

Although Paul and I have been thrown oot o' the Edinburgh Athletic Club we both still travelled across Edinburgh from Oxgangs tae Meadowbank. I ended up daein' some weights-no that I ken very much aboot them. 

Nae surprise, but we're no back in the club-they might not be a very forgiving bunch-I guess the 'Clockwork Orange' image, wie the cap 'n stick disnae go down tae well-I think they dinnae mind characters as long as you're no too extreme-I'll maybe need tae tone it doon a notch or two.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday, 31st October, 1971

It wiz a fine morn for setting aff tae Meadowbank to go training, but it wiz a bit o' a disaster as we both [Paul and me] ended up being thrown oot o' the club by Mr Walker. I dinnae think going aboot wie oor grandpaw caps 'n walking sticks tae others' amusement went down tae well wie the coach!

However, we didnae bother going home and we ended up staying down there for most o' the day playing a lot o' table tennis.

I'm dreading going back tae papers and school tomorrow-a' ma ain fault of course. I'm going tae read 'The Sunday Post'-both for pleasure and to take ma mind aff tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Saturday, 30th October, 1971

As I'd anticipated I didnae bother going down to Baird's-there's only one day's pay awaiting me there.

It wiz a braw crisp October day when Paul and I headed aff wie Edinburgh Athletic Club to the cross country races at Lesmahagow. I didnae bother running-a ken ma limitations! However Paul put in a solid performance to finish 15th-I wiz oot oan the course cheering him oan.

Afterwards we almost got a 'kicking' from a gang o' laddies-what is it wie some people! Anyway, welcome tae Lesmahagow!

We got back home tae Oxgangs at nightfall. Paul's staying ower wie us at 6/2 tonight-braw! We enjoyed a night in front o' the telly; a varied schedule including the interesting 'Duel at Diablo' as opposed tae the 'Duel at Lesmahagow'!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday, 29th October, 1971

I probably dinnae have tae even report this, but nae papers again-it's looking like being a one day week for me.

St Cuthbert's Cooperative (Edinburgh Evening News)

In the morning I went down to 'The Store' tae get the week's messages in.

Afterwards a big group o' us went jumping the burn-Paul; Boo-Boo; Ali; Les; Iain and some others were along too. It's nae often we go outwith the summer, but it wiz a braw, fresh autumn day. We had a right feckin' laugh wie me managing tae fa' in getting absolutely soaked from heid to toe-no like me at a', but a tried tae bite aff a jump that wiz just too ambitious-nevertheless I could sit back oan the banks o' Braidburn Valley and enjoy watching everyone else falling even further short tae!

A relaxed evening in at 6/2 wie Ali Douglas sleeping ower wie us. We watched 'Broken Lance' which wiz very guid-a Western story about a family  at war wie itself-a strong ending wie one o' the sons, Joe, oan visiting the grave o' his brother-he sees the down-turned lance in the earth (indicating a feud)-Joe picks it up and symbolically breaks it in two-powerful stuff!

We a' then settled doon tae watch the main fare together-the Friday Horror Film-this week it wiz 'The Black Sleep'-it wiz pretty guid keeping us a' oan tenterhooks! 

A braw last day o' the school holidays. 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday, 28th October, 1971

It's becoming a full blown bad week oan the newspaper front as once again I didn't bother going in to Bairds Newsagents.

Paul and I went down tae Paisley Drive again tae hang aboot outside Olive's house-wie Paul showing the patience o' a saint. 

However, it didn't go tae well and Mona Lisa's more or less indicated her uninterest. Tae quote auld Nat King Cole 'Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep They just lie there and die there' .

Paul and I went down tae Nana's for our tea again, but this time we then headed up to Meadowbank Sports Centre to join Mr Walker's training group. 

I've got an auld man's cap 'n walking stick so wiz wearing it up tae Meadowbank-Paul's keen tae do the same!

As they say, 'plenty o' fish in the sea'-we were admiring the charms o' an Edinburgh Southern Harriers girl!

Home tae Oxgangs, late.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wednesday, 27th October, 1971

I missed ma papers again-is the Huck Finn o' the school world aboot tae become Huck o' the world o' newspaper laddies too-it's no like me at a'.

Paul and I went down tae Fernie's o' Dalry tae see whit it would cost if I wiz tae buy a 'Chopper' o' ma oan.

We then travelled a' the way doon tae Paisley Drive and hung aboot around the 'Mona Lisa's' hoose. It wiz a bit o' a laugh because we were just basically wandering up 'n doon outside Olive's window-she spotted us and I suspect she wiz bemused at oor odd behaviour, but she didnae bother to come out.

'Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa men have named you You're so like the lady with the mystic smile'.

Despite hanging around fir a while wie oot any success we gave up eventually and decided tae go down to Durham Road tae Nana's for oor tea. We had a bit o' a laugh-I dinnae ken whit Nana makes o' Paul other than that he's different and probably needs tae be house-trained!

Back home tae Oxgangs fir a wee telly evening. Another solid episode o' 'Star Trek wie a very catchy title-'The world is hollow and I have touched the sky'-auld Dr McCoy discovers he's only got a year tae live-makes you think! 

After 'Softly, Softly' I watched 'Sportsnight wie Coleman'-Hewitt and McMillan won the doubles from Wembley-individually they may not be much, but they're a very powerful combination at the doubles.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tuesday, 26th October, 1971

After being oan the go from before 6.00 a.m. until late last night I wiz just too tired to dae ma papers this morning. I think that's the first time that's ever happened tae me-I clearly cannae burn the candle at both ends! 

Compared to the first few days o' the school autumn holidays, today wiz actually pretty boring and we just loafed around. It wiz a relief tae be able to go doon tae Meadowbank tae go to the training.

The 'Mona Lisa' wiz there; I wiz talking wie her and I've discovered she's called Olive Bain.

Oan the way back home tae Oxgangs oan the bus Paul and I had a FANTASTIC laugh! We were splitting oor sides laughin' a' the way home and had some o' the passengers oan the bus daein' the same too-what are we like!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday, 25th October, 1971

A week aff from 'Burrie'-could anything be better fir a school laddie than that? 

However, school or not I still had tae get up early oan to dae ma paper run-not a problem and it wiz a nice wee, well, long tootle aboot the quiet streets o' Morningside.

A very long three page letter arrived in the post today from Dad-it came a' the way from Dakar, Senegal wherever that is. 

He'd received ma letter and said how much he'd enjoyed it and how interesting it wiz-a' this writing in ma diary is fair bringing me oan! He also liked the photies too, particularly of Simon the cat, which I guessed he might. Blimey, he's got married too, to yon Bett who's oan the high seas with him! He enclosed some Hong Kong stamps for me and sends Anne, Iain and me his love as well as his best to Maw 'n John.

Gail Blades gave me some money tae get some chips-chips are the boys!

I guess wie hearing a' aboot Paul and my fun exploits at Meadowbank, Les 'n Derek Ramage and Iain came doon wie us tae the sports centre. We were there a' afternoon and in tae the evening too. We spent a lot o' time playing table tennis and mucking aboot, before the training started. 

The coach, Mr Walker gave me a row!

We didnae get home till late-a long day wie a lot o' exercise.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunday, 24th October, 1971

No papers today-I just decided tae give it a miss.

However, I did go down to Meadowbank wie Paul-it's starting tae become quite a regular habit, almost at the expense o' everything else. And, for October, it wisnae a bad day weather-wise.

Meadowbank Sports Centre, John Campbell

I ended up daein' a LOT o' running today-once again we were doon there a' day. We trained wie Mr Walker's group in the morning and worked pretty hard daein' a lot o' repetitions, but it wiz guid fun tae; whilst I'm still a beginner and I'm no exactly the best ower so many runs, I feel I'm hanging in there okay and that I can only get better 'n better. 

When everyone else had left, we had a wee plate o' chips in the cafe between us for oor lunch . We hung aboot a' afternoon and did some more running and also played oan the high jump mat tae along wie doing some jumping. We just had a shower at Meadowbank-we may as well get oor money's worth!

We got back tae Oxgangs early evening.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday, 23rd October, 1971

A very braw day and a wee bit different tae yesterday's exploits-a wee bit more positive. 

I got ma papers oot the way and ma pockets are jingling because I got ma wages-a pound, plus ma bus fares.

That gave me plenty o' money for the day and along wie Paul we went aff tae Hawick wie Edinburgh Athletic Club. I have tae sae, unlike the trip tae Perth, this time I fair enjoyed maself; a guess the previous trip wiz ma first cross country race, whereas this time I knew better whit tae expect. The club did well-particularly when it comes tae counting teams. I didnae make any o' them, but I wiz respectable enough-especially as I'm a 'sprinter'! 

There wiz a guid atmosphere oan the club bus-you kind o' feel part o' a big family I guess-it wiz pretty guid. The bus-driver had the radio oan and we a' got a heck o' a shock tae hear that Partick Thistle had beaten Celtic 4-1 in the final o' the Scottish League Cup-whit a turn-up for the books-a great result for Scottish football.

Oan the way home tae Oxgangs Paul and I had some burgers tae replace a' the energy we'd expended today. Back home Nana 'n Gaga were there-they'd travelled a' the way from Porty tae Oxgangs oan the bus!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday, 22nd October, 1971


It's the start o' the school holidays-known as the 'tattie holidays' fir the country loons, so I didnae have tae bother going in to school today-FREEDOM!

After ma papers I went back tae ma scratcher-a mixed pleasure-I'd rather have had it when 'Big Ben' chimed oot at a quarter tae six.

St Cuthbert's Cooperative, Edinburgh Evening News

I enjoyed a guid dinner courtesy o' 'The Store' (St Cuthbert's Co-operative)-when a say 'courtesy', I did actually pay for it! 

In the afternoon whit a feckin' laugh we a' had; there wiz a big bunch o' us, including Paul; Boo-Boo; Iain; Les and lots o' others a' getting chased around Oxgangs by the cops-just a wee bit different excitement from a normal schoolday!

Late at night a wee group o' us watched the Friday night horror film at oor house-this time it wiz 'Jekyll 'n Hyde' by oor very oan local writer, Robert Louis-a braw film wie a very profound message in there. 

We all lapped it up-a braw first day o' the autumn holidays and a' the better fir being able tae enjoy it wie others, rather than skiving aff all oan ma own.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thursday, 21st October, 1971

The week's going along nicely, but I got soaked oot oan ma paper round this morning-still as long as I manage tae keep ma customers' papers dry, that's whit counts. I came home absolutely drookit for a quick turnaround and then wiz aff tae school-I'm putting in a guid shift this week and haven't missed a single day at 'Burrie'. 

Oan a damp 'n wet day it wiz guid tae have plenty o' money to enjoy a decent dinner-I had 10/- (shillings) oan me-I should be saying 50p, but the decimalisation hasn't quite sunk in yet!

After ma tea, I wiz aff tae Meadowbank to go tae the training-I'm fair enjoying maself, however a wee black spot-Paul and I discovered a Coke vending machine that wiz unlocked-I helped maself tae a free can, but someone reported me so I got caught.

Paul 'n I are going to go doon tae Paisley Drive to go in search o' the Mona Lisa-I cannae wait! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday 20th October, 1971

We a' piled doon tae Bairds Newsagents from 'The Stair'; however whilst we get in tae the shop no problem, (because Dougie Blades cycles down from 'The Stair' and gets the keys from the Baird's house at Morningside Road-Pamela, in just her negligee!, just sticks a wrist oot from behind the door and hands oot the shop keys) we had tae hang aboot fir Pamela.

A ken aboot the keys because I've occasionally had tae open the shop maself and switch the alarm aff-but today we had tae stand around for ages, because Pamela wiz late...AGAIN! Does she go back aff tae her scratcher? 

It wiz a' right fir Fiona Blades-she kens her run by heart and just makes up the papers and she's aff, whereas I sometimes end up behind the likes o' Morningside's finest (the lovely Fiona Brown et al)-nae exactly fair when I've got the biggest run at the shop and I'm champing at the bit tae get movin'! Anyway, whilst I wiz awaiting Pam, I helped maself tae 10 fags fir Finn Anderson.

It's the third day o' the week and I managed to go into 'Burrie', however as if ma exploits at the shop weren't enough, I managed tae also get sent oot o' Miss Boyd's Biology class-I'm a bit ashamed o' maself.

Being a Wednesday, there wiz no training tonight, which works out well, because 'Star Trek' wiz absolutely brilliant-whit great stories they come up wie. This time featuring the Medusans, telepathy, madness 'n mind-melding, and wie a bit o' philosophy thrown in tae, as you might expect wie a title called 'Is There In Truth No Beauty'-fascinating stuff!

Later oan I watched 'Sportsnicht wie Coleman' focusing oan the fitba-Rangers 3 Sporting Lisbon 2-oh, what a result!