1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wednesday, 1st December, 1971

I perhaps spoke too soon; we had the Arithmetic Exam today and I found it pretty hard going-probably unlike a' the Einsteins surrounding me; oh well 'Ce la vie'-o' God dinnae say that, the dreaded French is yet to come!

In the afternoon Shona wandered by and I joined her fir a walk up to Fairmilehead Park and 'The Gully'. I wiz going tae split up wie her, but instead I'm now aff wie her-it's OFFICIAL!

Later oan I watched 'Sportsnicht wie Coleman'-Scotland were beaten by the Hollanders 2-1, Cruijff scored early oan then they got a late goal...a pity as it's a nice balanced wee team we've got there and guid tae see Pat Stanton playing fir the team again

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tuesday, 30th November, 1971

Ali Douglas' Birthday

Two days in and that's two days o' paper rounds and two at school, so a' positive reports-well done Retep!

Today I had two exams so I wiz at 'Burrie' a' day. We had History in the morning and Geography in the afternoon. You wid have thought I might have been inclined to dae some studying for them last night, but I didnae bother-in fact I don't think it really even crossed ma mind; wie ma very casual approach 'n attitude 'n Germanic last name you wid think I wiz some kind o' a wunderkind rather than the class dunce .

Actually, I can handle the History pretty well-much o' that has stuck and it's a aboot writing essays-along wie the Arithmetic, they're ma two 'O' Level bankers-that's if I bother tae turn-up at the exams next May. Geography however wiz a bit o' a struggle-I'm just no up to date oan that one.

After school I met up wie Shona. I wiz pretty sure we'd split up, but no-in fact we ended up getting oan pretty well-maybe I'm winning her ower wie ma charm 'n personality, but you can never tell wie girls...lovely, but unpredictable!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday, 29th November, 1971

Iain's Birthday

Well I went back to Boroughmuir today. In some ways it wiz a bit o' a breeze, because it wiz the start o' the exams week. I'm no sure if that came as a surprise to me or no-I've certainly no done any studying and had a very full weekend, but I should have known better as we got the timetable a week or two back.

Anyway, oan the guid news front ma absence wisnae even commented upon or perhaps even noticed...as I've said before I just seem to float along ghost like-the 'Casper' o' fourth year.

It wiz the English exam today, so to an extent I kind o' took it in ma stride; I mean a' that I'm daein' is whit I do privately each night at home-a wee bit o' writing. Okay, there's a bit o' interpretation involved, but I kin also blag a wee bit because although I'm no reading the school text books I'm doing plenty o' reading maself at home and I can often bring that in to play. I'm no going tae get much o' a mark compared to a' ma very bright and very studious peers, but hopefully I've got a nice wee pass.

So, a wee bit o' English and that wiz that-done n dusted fir the day, I couldnae wait tae get back aff home tae Oxgangs where both Iain 'n Anne were aff fir the afternoon from Firhill 'n Hunters Tryst. Later on a few o' us had a game o' fitba across in the playground-it's great as it's floodlit by the street lamps.

It wiz Iain's birthday today so we a' settled doon fir a special wee tea including Nana's chocolate cake-he's a teenager today so it was an even more special birthday.

At night I was hanging obout talking wie the bunch.

I still love Shona.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday, 28th November, 1971

Since the Frasers moved in up above, they seem tae have acted as a catalyst-aye, I may have dropped Chemistry a few years back, but I still remember the word-for us a' tae get back oot playing again. We a' enjoyed a very guid game o' footie, all helped by the decent spell o' weather. It surely cannae last as winter starts officially in a couple o' days time.

Mid afternoon I met up wie Shona and we enjoyed a sweet wee walk out wie the dog-I guess we're falling a long standing tradition o' couples walking oot oan a Sunday.

When I came back home I noticed John Fraser who's the aulder brother of Gilbert 'n Liz oot fixing his bike in the back shed-up to now it's only ever been me who's ever done that at 6 Oxgangs Avenue-I wiz speaking to him-he's a real expert oan the bikes-I'm a bit o' an amateur 'n ham-fisted tae!

In the evening I enjoyed a guid blether wie Ali Douglas and Tam Smith-two o' the best lads around.

 I then settled back oan ma scratcher and read ma 'Shoot' football magazine. It's been a guid weekend after a poor week oan the schoolin' front-after being AWOL a' week-'Burrie beckons' the morn...or does it? We'll have tae wait 'n see, but I surely have tae return.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday, 27th November, 1971

I had a bit more o' a spring in ma step oan this late autumn morning-not just because it wiz a Saturday and that I'd just collected ma pay, but because I wiz looking forward tae spending time wie the lovely Shona. 

It turned in to one o' the best Saturdays o' the year, which could only have been bettered if I'd been at the school during the week tae truly savour and appreciate the weekend, rather than life being one long feckin' holiday!

After breakfast and making sure I wiz looking ma best, Shona and I spent the morning in town. We went in tae Princes Street and went for a wee tootle around the shops including going in to Woolies at the east end. I felt like a million dollars wie such a beautiful girl oan ma arm.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a guid game o' fitba-there wiz a surprisingly guid crowd out-it helped that autumn hasn't quite turned in to winter. Afterwards a few o' us went up to see Joyce Vert at Oxgangs Farm Drive-Mike Hanlon got off with her-she's a bonny and fun girl.

Michael Hanlon

In the evening I wiz round at 26/5 Firhill Crescent; we spent some o' the evening watching the telly, including the 'Cilla Black Show'. Later we chatted away and had a wee late night kiss-a very braw day-back home tae 6/2 at midnight-I started and finished the day wie a spring in ma step-it's braw tae be in love.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday, 26th November, 1971

I put in a wee shift and did ma papers first thing, but nae 'Burrie' afterwards I'm afraid-it's been a bad week and given it's ma 'O' Levels year a bad second term-time tae throw in the white towel or wave the white flag already? 

At this rate 'O' is more likely tae represent 0 (no) levels and then what? Still, jobs are plentiful and easy tae find.

Instead o' going in to Bruntsfield I went into town and bought maself two new records-as I've said before, I'm pursuing whit you might call a cultural education rather than the Scottish Leaving Certificate.

In the evening we a' had some braw fun-we had a full bedroom wie Shona; Joyce Vert; Steve Westbrook and Gilbert Fraser in. We heard a bit o' noise ootside-it wiz 'The Craigs' from the bottom o' Oxgangs Avenue-we chased them halfway doon the road!

Late oan we went up tae watch the Friday evening horror film at Gilbert's, but it wisnae very guid at a'. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday, 25th November, 1971

Get letter

I still managed tae get oot o' ma scratcher to dae the morning papers. 

The dark November morning reflected ma dark mood as I trudged up dimly lit Morningside Drive-nae oomph in ma step as I thought aboot last night. I came home to 6/2 and of course didnae bother going in tae 'Burrie'. If I had, it probably wid have been guid for me and taken ma mind aff things, but how can you go back tae school oan a Thursday?

After school Shona and I went for oor usual walk wie the dog up and around 'The Gully' at Fairmilehead Park. We've decided (that's whit they call the Royal 'we'!) we're not going to be serious for about a year.

After tea I wiz oot wie everyone else playing at Singles-it wiz braw running about until I took a bad fall-I've hurt ma hand quite badly-probably a sprained wrist or something. 

When I came in, I played some o' ma singles; I've moved the record-player it's pretty good and actually quite cheered me up. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday, 24th November, 1971

I did ma paper-run first thing, but once again I skived aff Boroughmuir.

The recent posts have been some o' the happiest o' 1971-this yin is the saddest, at least so far...it's a single subject entry-Shona!

The bad news is that the BIG ROMANCE, whilst not fully snuffed oot, I'm afraid the flame is flickering very badly.

As per usual I sprinted doon tae Firhill Crescent full o' the joys, but I never saw the train-crash coming. 

I ken Shona likes me, but she's told me she disnae love me. I'm the opposite. I wrote her a wee note-using a' the literary powers at ma command-guid Scots and Shakespearean English, I penned a belle lettre d'amour-I, a wiz even using ma French tae, to express how much she meant to me-partly because I'm better oan paper, but also it meant she'd be able tae read it again after I wiz gone.

After she read the masterpiece she told me she'd speak to me tomorrow after school. Anyway I ran home in the bitterly cold wind in tears thinking aboot our likely split up. 

As Wullie wid sae, it's a (very) sair fecht-here's me full o' hope aboot a long lasting romance in the air, but it's a' aboot tae be cruelly snuffed oot-as Tommy Cooper wid say 'Just like that!'. 

When, rather than if we break up, whatever girls I meet in future, I'll never care fir them as much as I love Shona. Of course, wie her being shallower than me, she'll move smoothly oan tae the next man in her life.

If I had access tae a genie ma single wish would be for her tae be head ower heels in love wie me.

I'm aff tae bed-a forlorn hope as I reckon it could be a sleepless night. I ken you cannae hear me across the night air, Shona, but I love you.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tuesday, 23rd November, 1971

Two words-off school. One word, AGAIN!

A lovely wee repeat o' yesterday as the lovely Shona and I went fir a walk hand 'n hand (apart from when I would break aff to show aff a bit!). However, this time we ended up kissing tons o' times-wie ma limited experience I didnae ken it could be so addictive!

After tea I wiz invited around tae the Smiths hoose at 26/5 Firhill Crescent-I wiz along there in a flash-well, a couple o' minutes as it's aboot half a mile away. 

We had a nice evening sitting in wie her parents watching the telly-a film wiz oan called 'Comrade X' wie auld Clark Gable; however I wisnae taking much o' it in so I'm no able to provide ma usual intellectual cultural criticism. 

Telly or no, we still managed tae get lots o' kissing done oan her doorstep before I left for home at 10.30 p.m. VERY HAPPY DAYS-is there such a thing as cloud 10!

I skipped home across the Oxgangs streets tae 6/2-drunk oan love. It a' must have taken it clean oot o' me as I had some porridge 'n milk for ma supper-I've never done that before-I've heard o' pregnant mums chewing oan coal-does the same kind o' thing extend tae men!

I sat in and penned part o' a wee letter to Shona before reading for a while-if I'm no attending 'Burrie' these days I need take keep stretching ma brain cells otherwise I'll no remain an intellectual.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday, 22nd November, 1971

I'm disappointed tae write that Friday's day aff from 'Burrie' extended into the start o' this week as I didn't go in to school today. Whit can I say? Rather than being disappointed I should be worried-which of course I am.

I did ma papers okay first thing and came back home tae Oxgangs and then the shutter just seems to come down. The thought flashes across ma mind 'How dae you fancy a wee day aff school?'- and that's it! 

A' I can compare it with is it's a bit like the Oor Wullie devil tempting him, but wie oot the counter balance o' the angel saying 'Now William-or Retep-just ignore that devil o' a rascal!' It's like ma subconscious just (cleverly) closes down that side o' ma brain so that there's nae internal debate at a'.

So that wiz that-aff fir the day. The only positive wiz being aboot at 6/2 for the postie-a surprising bing o' presents arrived from abroad from the auld boy. Now, that wiz a turn-up for the books-the words 'auld boy' and 'presents' have never been used together in the same sentence up until now-the world's a-spin, perhaps he's doing some self-reflection oan the seven seas!

I could hardly wait fir the metaphoric school-bell to ring oot and fir Shona tae come wandering by wie the dog. The two o' us then went for another long walk and I ended up kissing her for the very first time-FANTASTIC-I felt dead happy!

We then went back tae 6/2 where we watched a wee bit o' 'Blue Peter' oan the telly together before she left. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday, 21st November, 1971

I wiz like the cat wie the cream, still purring ower last evening's date wie the lovely Shona. I wiz oan cloud 9-wherever that is!

It wiz a nice, sunny, fresh day and Shona and I went out fir a long walk wie the red setter. We were out fir a good few hours, wending our way around 'The Gully' and back homewards through Braidburn Valley and on tae Firhill Crescent. 

It's a great feeling oot walking wie your girlfriend oan a soft autumn Sunday-whit could be better in life? A wee change from runnin' aboot wild down at Meadowbank wie Paul!

Once I got back home tae 6/2 I tidied up ma bedroom adding a wee artistic touch by pinning some o' ma album covers tae the wall-it's no an original idea-I've seen it in the likes o' the 'Jackie' magazine and Fiona and Liz Blades have done it too-I guess I'm trying to show Shona that I'm trendy!

Early evening I nipped across tae Shona's to give her a lone o' an album, before running back home for a telly evening in. 

'The Royal Variety Show' wiz oan-it wiz so-so-Shirley Bassey wiz the big star-much too sophisticated fir the likes o' me-not helped by me waiting fir her tae slip oot the scanty 'dress' she wiz wearing!.

Aff tae bed now-whit a weekend-I'm oan a high, but of course the cautious side o' me asks, can it last?

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday, 20th November, 1971

Today wiz probably the best day o' the year. Being a Saturday alone is cause tae celebrate, but that wiz only fir starters!

I collected ma pay from Pamela Baird-always a guid moment. I just kind o' glided through the paper round-the reason being that I was already looking forward and planning fir ma first 'official' date wie Shona. We were going out tae the cinema to see 'The Go-Between'.

Being oot early made fir quite a long day, but it gave me plenty o' time tae plan ahead and get ma self organised. I wanted tae look ma very best, subject of course tae the limitations o' ma haircut, which is the only cloud oan the horizon. 

I wore ma new pair o' Levi's, ma Ben Sherman shirt and the parka. I collected Shona from 26/5 Firhill Crescent and then we took a number 16 bus in to town.

It wiz a really successful evening-better than I could o' hoped fir. The film wiz excellent-very classy indeed wie a powerful story line and filmed quite beautifully; being an intellectual, I perhaps enjoyed it more than Shona-she's more practical. 

When I'd been planning out the evening you're never quite sure how it might pan oot, but everything went brilliantly. Afterwards we got a bus home from Morningside nae problem. I felt like I wiz in a dream walking Shona home along the burn and back tae Firhill Crescent.

She invited me in and we sat in watching the telly and talking wie her mum 'n dad. I managed tae converse okay wie them, trying no tae commit any faux-pas'-I think I managed! They're dead nice and even thoughtfully went aff to bed shortly before I left.

I didnae get home until 12.30. I got a row for being oot late, but was I bothered-that's a rhetorical! 

I'm aff tae bed noo to dream aboot Shona. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday, 19th November, 1971

Save up!

I did ma papers, but fir some totally unknown reason I didnae bother going in to school today. I've got no earthly excuse-Fridays are easy wie the weekend ahead-and it would have given me more or less a full house for the week...anyway, whit can I say other than that I need a guid kick up the arse and a bit o' self discipline!

The long and keenly awaited guitar finally arrived in the post this morning from the Chorlton Catalogue. I don't know whit I wiz expecting, but come the end o' the day I still cannae play it!

After Firhill wiz oot, Shona and I went aff fir a walk, but we got aff tae a bad start-we soon made up, but you dinnae half need to dance around the houses tae keep some people happy! It was another o' our long walks-back at Firhill Crescent I met her dad-he seems a nice bloke. We've exchanged photos-that's Shona and me-no her dad 'n me! 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thursday, 18th November, 1971

Save up!

I wiz out 'n about in some o' the white stuff this morning doing ma papers. Rather than trudging up Morningside Drive, I had a wee spring in ma step as I wiz looking forward tae seeing Shona after school.

I went in tae 'Burrie'-it wiz fine; I skived aff mid-afternoon but it wiz only table tennis so I dinnae think that really counts. I took the 16 bus home to get ready to go out with Shona. 

We had another nice walk up to 'The Gully' then back down to Firhill Crescent. I skipped back home tae 6/2 wie a light step for ma tea. 

'Top o' the Pops' wiz the only decent thing oan the telly-it featured Olivia Newton-John's very catchy 'Banks of the Ohio'. The programme ended wie Cher's 'Gypsies, Tramps 'n Thieves'-there's something very haunting aboot that song.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday, 17th November, 1971

Remember to go to Dr Rogers

I didnae bother going tae see Dr Rogers-that wiz an earlier entry-as predicted I'd no intention o' returning to see the guid doctor-a bit ironic in its way-I'm tae see him tae discuss ma skiving problem and I dinnae even turn up-mind you, he's a smart bloke-I wonder if he kent I widnae show up-we'll never know!

It wiz a right beezer out this morning-wie ma short hair I needed tae keep ma Fair Isle hat oan-it gives you an insight in to why Paw Broon et al a' wear bunnets!

In to school again today-we were given the dreaded Boroughmuir exam timetable which gave me a queer feeling in ma stomach!

However, the BIG NEWS is that I got aff wie Shona-aye a' that sprint training at Meadowbank-nae quite a forgotten memory-has come in handy. I'm writing this entry from cloud 9! 

We walked the dog-I thought it wiz her's but she walks it fir a friend. She's a lovely girl and we had a guid chat-it's easier to talk when you're oot walking. I walked her a' the way home tae 26 Firhill Crescent-it had started snowing and I ran a' the way back home feeling very happy! I must start saving up hard so that I can take her oot.

Being a Wednesday I watched 'Sportsnight wie Coleman'. There wiz a big boxing match oan-Britain's Jack Bodell against the famous American, Jerry Quarry, who'd fought Cassius. It wiz ower in a minute-fair play to Bodell coming forward but Quarry took him out wie a big right hand-it wiz the first time he's been knocked oot-he couldnae get up as his legs were wobbling like a jelly-the blinkin' announcer didnae hang aboot though-he had the microphone in his paw whilst poor auld Jack wiz still being dragged back tae his corner-aye they dinnae muck aboot at the boxing!