1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Friday, 10th December, 1971

Newspapers-tick; Boroughmuir-cross!

I wiz aff again, but oan a more positive note it wiz just me as Iain went back in to Firhill which pleased me.

It wiz great when the school bell went and everyone came home. 

We had a full house tonight; wie it being a Friday night and of course the late night horror film being oan, both Ali Douglas and Paul Forbes were staying ower wie us. 

Maw's great that way and we've got the most relaxed household in the area-everyone likes tae stay wie us-changed days from when the 'ogre' lived here or me being embarrassed at him being drunken and menacing.

Tonight's film wiz called 'The Giant Claw'. It wiz a' aboot this giant bird. It wiz different from the usual fayre o' Dracula, Frankenstein or the Edgar Allen Poe stuff. If you'll forgive the pun it wiz difficult tae make head nor tail o' it-it wiz a bit o' a cross of horror, science fiction, historical-the lot really. 

Still we a' enjoyed ourselves, lolling back wie bottles o' Globe juice; crisps 'n sweets-happy days and guid fun wie us a' enjoying each others' company. 

Trust we didnae keep Maw awake wie oor laughter!

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