1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Friday, 17th December, 1971

Iain, Maw and I were all aff today. I suspect that's me now fir the year and that I won't be back through the "Burrie' gates until 1972. 

They've not seen much o' me this year-I suspect I've only attended school for aboot half the year, but December's been the worst month o' the lot and yet ironically I went in every day fir ma exams-a glutton fir punishment?

However, the mail got through as usual and I wiz aff wie the Blades girls long before dawn broke to do ma papers. 

We're coming into the season o' goodwill so in the next two weeks I'm hoping tae get a few tips from the rich Morningsiders, but w'ell just have tae wait 'n see.

Iain and I took a wee tootle in to town. We went in to Tollcross and then Princes Street and managed tae pick up another couple o' good L.P.s-ma collection's slowly growing. 

I'm getting more in to Glen Campbell wie ma favourite track being 'It's Only Make Believe'. Both Iain and Paul thole me playing it regularly in the bedroom as I mime in to a 'microphone'!

In the evening Gilbert came in to watch the Friday night horror film wie us. 

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