1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday, 3rd December, 1971

I wiz just thinking that after last week's disaster where I skived aff a' week, I've put in a decent wee shift this week. It's maybe the wrong choice o' word, but the novelty o' having exams has meant that the week has just flown by, not tae mention daein' ma papers every day too-credit where credit's due Retep-well done! 

Also, the exams haven't been quite as bad as I thought. Given that at best, I'm a part-time schoolboy, consider how well you could dae if you became full-time-a few people have said that tae me, but it's no really sinking in!

We had our French Exam today-I can hardly believe I'm saying this but it wiz quite easy! Perhaps it wiz the clout the wee bastard o' a teacher gave me a few weeks back!

Home early-I like this minimal time at 'Burrie' and maximising time at Oxgangs. Back home a guid crowd o' us had an excellent game o' fitba'-the perfect way to finish aff the 'workin' week wie a full weekend o' freedom ahead.

Gilbert Fraser came down tae join us to watch the Friday evening horror film and a bowl o' soup. It wiz pretty guid-he's just left tae head home-given he's up above us that'll take fully 20 seconds!

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