1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Friday, Christmas Eve, 1971

A fun and very different Christmas Eve this year. I still got the bus down to Morningside early oan wie the Blades girls to do ma papers. It wiz a breeze doing ma papers this morning-I sensed anyone I came across wiz enjoying this special time of the year.

Back home, 6/2 feels alive wie a good atmosphere-everyone is in a good mood, excited and enjoying the season o' goodwill. We tidied the house up a wee bit, wie 'White Christmas' and Bing Crosby oan in the background. Thereafter we chilled out for a wee while-Oxgangs and home feels good-it's great being part o' a family.

Dean Park Street. Photograph by Sandy Stevenson

In the late afternoon we a' took the 16 bus in to Princes Street then got the number 24 bus to Stocbridge to 14 Dean Park Street and Nana Hoffmann's. I think that's the first time I've mentioned Nana in this year's diary and also the first time I've seen her this year-a complete contrast to seeing Nana 'n Gaga every week. It a' came about through Dad looking in to see us oan Wednesday. It wiz nice to see her and she was glad tae see us a'-it probably cheered her up no end to have a full house oan Christmas Eve.

We a' got ready for the Christmas Eve party and just walked through Stockbridge and along to Henderson Row to Pat 'n Ronnie Browne's for the party. We had a great time there-as well as the Brownes a' the Rosses were there too. Their 'New Town' house is fantastic-like Andy 'n Margaret's next door it's just a wee bit different from 6/2 Oxgangs Avenue! It's great being part o' the extended family-I like a' the Rosses and Brownes. 

After midnight and in to Christmas Day Ronnie Browne gave us a' a lift home to Oxgangs in his big Jaguar-we a' managed tae squeeze in-it wiz very good o' him, but he wouldn't hear o' us going for a late night bus or expensive taxi.

Happy Christmas everyone-that's me written ma diary-apart from Simon the cat, I'm the last man standing-I'm aff tae bed now!

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