1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Friday, Hogmanay, 1971

It wiz a boring last day o' 1971. The only wee excitement wiz going along to the chemist's shop to collect ma photies-there's always that wee bit o' frisson and excitement to see how they've turned out.

It's been interesting keeping a diary a' year-it's one o' the better things that I've done and I haven't missed a single day. I've enjoyed daein' it so much that I bought a new 1972 Letts Diary at Bairds Newsagents and already I cannae wait to put pen to paper.

It's been a very mixed and varied year. Oan the positive side it wiz good that Maw got a divorce and Dad's essentially out o' our lives-life at 6/2 is much much happier and it's been great having lots o' oor pals round-Maw always makes them feel very welcome and she's popular wie the likes o' Boo-Boo, Ali and Paul. 

Although I've not attended Meadowbank much recently, I've enjoyed going along wie Paul and I've made up ma mind to start attending regularly and training hard wie Mr Walker's sessions. 

It's also been great becoming such guid friends wie Paul. Although I've known him for years, we've paired up well, becoming best pals-it's almost as if where we might be a wee bit doubtful o' ourselves when we're on our oan, but when we get together we're quite a positive combination and generally I think we're pretty good for each other.

The only blot oan ma copybook is the schooling or should I say the lack of it. I've missed half the year through skiving and as I've recorded that's no an exaggeration. It's been a complete feckin' disaster and I ken I'm likely to have to leave Boroughmuir next summer wie oot an 'O' Level to ma name and thereafter sink into oblivion. Ironically, I feel more sorry for ma relatives and their disappointment rather than worrying maself. If I think aboot it too much I just switch aff and generally just park the subject. Next!

Hogmanay wiz transformed come the evening because we all went down to Andy 'n Maggie Ross's annual party at Henderson Row-we all had a ball  of a time and I wiz drunk for the first time! After the midnight bells rang out we walked along the Dickensian streets o' Stockie to 14 Dean Park Street where we were staying the night at Nana Hoffmann's-strange isn't it, we don't see her a' year apart from oan Christmas and Hogmanay.

Happy New Year everyone-on to a new diary!

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