1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday, 20th December, 1971

Boroughmuir School Christmas Dance

As I wrote earlier, there's no way I'm going back in to "Burrie' this week-I'm in the holiday frame o' mood. It made doing ma paper run quite easy this morning knowing that I wiz coming back home tae Oxgangs for the day-it wiz actually quite enjoyable to be out in the winter fresh air. Also, a delivery to every customer's door is laced wie the anticipation that there might just be a wee tip awaiting me.

Maw wiz back to work and Iain went in to Firhill-I think because he has his school dance tonight he wiz keen to go in. However, Paul skived aff-first time he's done that-I'm a bad influence. 

We played darts and table tennis. We've rigged up a darts board oan the door o' the wardrobe in oor bedroon-it's pretty guid fun, as long as you're sensible-we dinnae want a dart bouncing aff or one o' us walking oot in front o' a thrower oan the jockey and putting oot someone's eye!

In the evening Bunny Sterling wiz knocked oot by the Frenchman, Jean-Claude Bouttier in the fourteenth round after building up a lead-he wiz too brave for his own good, plus the ref and the corner weren't too caring-he got carried oot o' the ring-painful tae witness.

I didnae go to the school dance-I've not gone since second year where ironically I had a wonderful time. For one thing I cannae turn-up when I'm aff skiving, plus I wouldn't enjoy maself wie nae real friendss there and none o' the girls would seriously wish tae dance wie me.

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