1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Saturday, 11th December, 1971

The last day o' the working week-it's funny the way I'm relatively disciplined making sure the 'mail gets through' oan dark winter mornings, yet I cannae attend the school during the hours o' daylight. Although I could have asked them to chum me I just left Ali, Paul n' Iain asleep and joined the Blades oan the early morning number 16 bus down to Morningside.

As ever the paper round wiz fine oan a Saturday-the best day o' the week for them and I wiz happy to pick up ma wages too, so ma pockets were jingling-always a guid wee feeling. 

After breakfast Les, Iain and I headed aff for a day in town and had a pretty guid time. We wandered about Princes Street tae the shops including stopping aff at 'Woolies' and having a wee bite o' juice 'n chips in their cafe. 

Afterward we crossed Princes Street to go to the Carnival at Waverley Market where we had a brilliant time. We were oan quite a few o' the rides including the waltzers and dodgem cars. 

I like some o' the games-particularly the hoopla stall. It looks dead easy to throw a wooden ring ower a ten boab note or a quid but it's harder than it looks. I also love the slot horse racing Derby game. 

Although it's braw fun you have tae keep your wits and Oxgangs street-sense about you as there's always neds wandering aboot. so there's a mix o' fun and danger.

A relaxed evening back at 6/2 daein' nothing, although Nana 'n Gaga were oot-guid to see them!

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