1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday, 4th December, 1971

I did ma last day o' papers of the week and collected ma pay. I'm quite flush the noo and it's guid tae have a wee wage coming in. As I've written before Bairds pay well at a quid a week, but it's a long double-run covering the whole o' Morningside Drive and beyond, so I earn ma corn.

Gilbert Fraser and I watched the fitba together.

In the morning I ventured into town wie a few o' us and delivered a parcel to Waverley Station. 

Afterwards we went aff to buy Christmas presents-nae bad for school-kids-there won't be as many as organised as a' us!

In the evening I really enjoyed a film oan STV called 'Flight o' the Phoenix'. It had the lot-men up against it in the desert trying to resurrect a crashed plane-interesting personalities who clash because o' the circumstance and their different temperaments, whilst trying tae survive in the extreme weather and terrain alongside the lack o' food 'n water-there wiz also a wee flavour o' anti-Jerryness there too-nae to mention will the plane fly or no-really gripping stuff. A ten oot o' ten from Retep. 

I like the whole concept o' the phoenix tae-maybe there's a wee morale there for me? Anyway-braw manly stuff!

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