1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Saturday, Christmas Day, 1971

Merry Christmas everyone!

We still got oor Christmas stockings from Maw, but now that we're a' getting slightly older, they weren't at the foot o' oor beds this year-but were still great as usual wie lots o' dinky wee pressies.

Being Christmas Day we had a fancier brekkie than normal including fried bacon. The new telly wiz on in the background wie some cartoons oan 'Aspel's Christmas Crackers' followed by the 'Family Service'. 

We a' then ventured oot tae Corstorphine to the Harp Hotel. The morning wiz set fair-dry and crisp, but Oxgangs wiz as quiet as the proverbial church moose as a' the other families were either at home or away to relatives, however Corstorphine itself wiz a wee bit busier. 

I'm not quite sure why we've chosen the Harp as it's a bit awkward tae get to from Oxgangs-I guess it's because it's got a good reputation and within oor budget. It's no quite the same as the traditional Christmases we've all enjoyed at Nana's since I wiz born; however it wiz pretty good, but I think we a' may return tae normality next year as long as we a' give Nana a hand.

Although the waitresses are lovely, going out tae dinner is a bit more formal and not so relaxed-and it's kind of odd to be celebrating wie strangers in the room-still it gave Nana a wee break.

We a' then headed down to Porty to Nana 'n Gaga's for the afternoon. The first part o' 'Top o' the Pops 71" wiz oan-oot o' all the hits featured 'T Rex' 'Hot Love' wiz ma favourite-'She's faster than most, And she lives oan the coast'! 

A' the usual comforting fayre wiz oan-'The Queen'; 'Billy Smart's Circus' and then 'The Black 'n White Minstrel Show'-a' relaxing stuff by way o' background as we tucked in to a 'John West' salmon tea and Nana's delicious home-made shortbread along wie the usual buns. I didn't need any supper after three good feeds today.

Gaga gave us a lift home from Porty to Oxgangs. As usual there wiz hardly any cars oan the road as we sailed through an empty Arthurs Seat. Anne, Iain 'n I had a wee competition tae count the number o' lit Christmas trees we could see in the windows-aye auld habits die hard.

Back home I wiz outside for a wee while talking away wie Liz Fraser. Again, another wee difference to the past when we always stayed within the bosom o' the family homes-aye we're a' getting aulder. 

Back inside we a' watched the 'Morecambe 'n Wise Show' which wiz enjoyable enough-Glenda Jackson wiz oan doing a wee song 'n dance number wie them. 

Funny enough the programme I enjoyed the most wiz the programme that concluded the day called 'The Countyman At Christmas'-a charming wee programme perfectly pitched tae end the day.

A' 'n a' a lovely day-and although different from previous years, still a special one-we a' enjoyed ourselves.

Illustration by Nicola Robinson.

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