1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday, 12th December, 1971

Ma day aff from papers, but I wiz still up at a reasonable hour tae fetch in the Sunday papers 'n rolls from Ewarts at Oxgangs Broadway.

The fair winter weather continues and late morning we a' enjoyed an excellent side o' fitba. The Robertsons have moved away now from 4/ 2 Oxgangs Avenue to Penicuik, but Keith wiz down tae visit us, so it wiz guid that he could join in wie a big group o' us for a game. 

Mid afternoon it wiz back home tae 6/2 for the rest o' the day. At this time o' the year the light's fading pretty fast. What wiz guid was that the telly wiz excellent.

First of a' we watched a film called "Random Harvest'. It wiz a long film, but it had us a' hooked from the start to the finish as it wended its way through all sorts o' ups 'n doons caused by Ronald Colman's amnesia, which ebbed 'n flowed throughout the film-all's well that ends well-aye you cannae beat a guid romantic film wie a happy ending.

Talking aboot happy endings, unfortunately for me, Jonathon Taylor's got aff wie Shona. Aye, she disnae ken whit's she's missing wie ma charm, wit 'n personality! She didn't hang around! Benny Hill's number one just now and as he says in the Ernie the Milkman song: "But a woman's needs are many fold and soon she married Ted!"  

Appropriately enough there wiz a film oan in the evening called 'The Man In Between'-talk aboot the BBC rubbing it in! It wiz another braw film, but quite different from this afternoon as it wiz a thriller rather than a romance. 

It starred James Mason who I find a really interesting actor-there's something aboot both his looks and brooding presence, but I especially like his languid, clipped, whispering voice which I find quite mesmerising-he's got something extra. He's obviously bright tae-I read in the Sunday Express that he got a First from Oxford or Cambridge-somebody tae aspire tae.

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