1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday, 19th December, 1971

Apart from nipping oot tae Colinton Mains to get the Sunday rolls 'n papers I stayed inside at 6/2 all day-not like me at a', but I fair enjoyed maself. 

We gave Maw a big hand tae put up the decorations for Christmas-I have tae say they look pretty good. 

They just totally transform the living room-a guess it's bringing in whit they call Christmas cheer. I've definitely got that wee seasonal glow-the countdown's begun, with nae Boroughmuir and the prospect o' us a' having the family 'n friends aboot the place is really exciting and something tae look forward to wie great anticipation. 

It's also the first time the auld boy isn't a part of it-and sad and heart-breakin' as it may be to write this, it's a' the better for not having his presence around which could at times be brooding, menacing and uncertain. I feel bad writing that, but I'm afraid it's true.

Yesterday, I spoke too soon about the good weather as it wiz very windy a' day and the rain is absolutely pouring down. Again that's part o' the reason why it wiz good tae be inside and cosy wie a' the family today. 

After we put up the decorations and had lunch we settled back tae watch "David Copperfield' wie W.C. Fields brilliant as 'Mr Micawber'-I just love ma Dickens and any o' his films always gets you in the mood for the mid-winter festivals. 

At teatime there wiz also 'Carols for Christmas' oan too, a' nicely starting the build up tae the big day.

I've just finished watching the telly-I'm now through in ma bedroom and about to dae some reading.

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