1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tuesday, 14th December, 1971

Iain and I were off school again. I sat about for much o' the day reading comics. We've got a big bundle in from the Blades-I'm pretty much in to ma 'Bunties' 'n 'Judies'. Others might laugh about the whole gender thing, but a guid story-line is a guid story-line and you cannae beat the likes o' 'The Four Marys' which are always excellent. 

The thought's just occurred to me that if I wiz like them or 'Winker Watson' and attended boarding school instead o' Boroughmuir then a' ma problems would be solved in a stroke!

I'd never be aff the school or miss a class otherwise 'Miss Creef' would clock it and I wid be up in front o' 'Dr Gull'! 

How come it's taken until December tae realise that there wiz a solution tae a' ma problems all along, sitting inside a D.C. Thomson comic-who said comics were a waste o' time! 

Of course there wid be the little matter o' paying for the school fees-unless of course I could be like 'Mary Simpson' the scholarship girl-bit o' a bummer that, as I've got nae academic prowess at a' and only a wee bit o' sporting talent oan the fitba and the running front.

Anyway, after a' that day-dreamin' come the late afternoon Maw wiz in early-she must have got a lift back from the Civil Service-just as well the hoose wiz shining like a new pin thanks in the main to Iain putting in a guid shift today. In the evening we a' settled doon and watched a Gary Cooper film-not bad. That's me fir the day-I'm aff tae bed early-Bairds' newspaper run awaits me the morn and is the only discipline running through ma life these days so I need tae keep it going.

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