1971 Boroughmuir class.

1971 Boroughmuir class.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wednesday, 15th December, 1971

Once I got the papers and ma cornflakes oot the way I went across tae Dr Motley's. He's just told me tae take the rest o' the week aff-yay, I've got the guid doctor's permission to skive aff-bet even Tom Sawyer widnae come up wie that dodge, never mind Huckleberry Finn!

After Firhill wiz out Paul Forbes 'n Les Ramage came around and joined Iain and me for a very braw game o' table tennis-excellent fun before Maw arrived back home from work.

In the evening I watched 'Sportsnight' and the sports review o' the year. A lot o' ma favourite Scots were there-David Jenkins; Jackie Stewart and Ken Buchanan, but it wiz Princess Anne who won the award-no ma choice as I wid o' picked any o' that three, but good oan her!

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